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19TWEETY66 Posts: 857
7/30/11 1:11 P

Hi PEEPEYE! I wanted to try to persuade you to not quit Sparkpeople. I don't really know how to help you find what you are looking for, but I'm sure someone can help you. My advice would be to go back to the main Message Board page and under the heading that says "Get Help Here" click on "Site/Technical Help" I'm sure someone will be able to help you and maybe the Sparkteam people will see your post and give you a hand. Please don't give up! You have come too far now!

Hope you get the help you are looking for!

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PEEPEYE Posts: 11
7/30/11 11:47 A

I need help to quit sparkpeople. I finally got off my lazy butt and was doing great on the 6 wk diabetic challenge and when I signed in it has disappeared and I can't find it. I was on week 4. I'm not new to pc but have had this problem before so I was to unsubscribe but don't know how. This is an excellant site and I have enjoyed it but I give up.

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