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TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/7/12 4:41 P

yeah, that's why I can't lose the last 10 pounds. On the weekend, I eat like someones gonna take it away from me. LOL!

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8/7/12 4:08 P

Agreed- even on cheat days, you have to be sensible.


8/7/12 11:09 A

I agree with the others. Onward and upward.

No lifestyle change (not diet, lifestyle change) is viable if it can't sustain the occasional indulgence. If you're not having any fun, then what's the point?

The key for me is to plan around the indulgence, so that it doesn't derail my progress. If Husband and I are planning a trip to the local GSD (That's Greasy Spoon Diner) -- they make the BEST Onion Rings EVER! -- then I track the onion rings in my weekly meal plan, and go a bit lighter on the carbs/fat/salt for the rest of the week and maybe squeeze in an extra workout.

Sounds like you've done just that.

I would be careful with Cheat Days though. I've had a few friends for whom cheat days became an excuse to eat everything in sight and derail all of the progress gained during the rest of the week. Plan for one or two good things per week (This week mine were Pad Thai and a lovely glass of wine), and balance it out with the rest of your meals, and you'll be fine.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/6/12 11:31 A

well, as soon as I lose these last stupid 10 pounds, then I plan on having a once a week cheat day as well. I cannot fathom going the rest of my life without good ole fashioned junk food. I just know I can't have it everyday. LOL!!

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
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8/6/12 11:26 A

Agreed- just put it behind you and start over. Everyone falls off the wagon on occasion.

in fact, "cheat days" are probably important to overall lifestyle change success! An occasional binge won't hurt anyone.

My cheat o' the week is a bag of nachos and salsa I bought to watch the 100 meters final yesterday.

OILERFAN84 Posts: 11
8/6/12 7:23 A

I know exactly what you mean. I had a bad habbit of eating bad and having beers whenever I would watch sports and I still struggle with it too but you can't change whats done but good work on the extra excercise and sucess so far you can do it setbacks happen

DANAWALKER4 Posts: 522
7/29/12 8:17 P

Get back on the rails and continue your journey down the track.

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7/29/12 10:48 A

Put it behind you! I allow myself a binge every couple of months or so.... Just so I can go enjoy some greasy burger once in a while!

PROWCC SparkPoints: (0)
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7/28/12 3:56 P

Thanks for the comments its onward and upward from now on.

CUSTOMSOUND79 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/28/12 1:16 P

I think you pretty much answered your own question. What can you do about it going forward? If sitting in front of the TV makes you want to binge then I think your health is more important than watching anything, no matter what is flashing on it.

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7/28/12 12:58 P

Watching the olympic openning had a eating binge dont know why and boy do I fell guilty today Ive managed to loose over 52 lbs in last few months and have reached my initial target but wanted to loose another 20 lbs to take me to decent BMI.
Hit the treadmill today did double my normal.
suppose what done is done move on.
Any advise.

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