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7/2/03 1:37 P

I'm not sure. I felt as though I was in the same room with her and could see and feel her disappointment and feelings of helplessness. Maybe because I can identify with them. I looked for further posts from her, hoping that she would experience the joy of success with us. When I didn't find any I thought maybe she was lurking and could be coaxed out. She seemed so unhappy. I guess she's not ready yet.

Leah, if you're still out there, let us know. Good or not so good, send us a message. We can all help you.

7/1/03 8:07 A

I'm curious, what did Leah post that touched you so much?

EXTENDEDTROT SparkPoints: (11,901)
Fitness Minutes: (3,215)
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6/27/03 7:31 A

How's it going? I'm new here, just finished my first week.

I was touched by your post and I know how hard it is to get started. Let us know what's been going on.

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