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10/8/12 4:14 P

Welcome to SparkPeople!

My name is Sarah and I’ve been a member of this site off and on for a few years, and I do love it. I was here a few years back and lost 20 pounds, then went away and stopped using the site and gained all that weight back.

I have tried other diets and found that what I truly love about SparkPeople is the community, I believe it really helps keep you on track. Utilize the community here, add friends, join teams and challenges and post to the message boards.

Best wishes on your journey!

JILLYBOBILLY SparkPoints: (351)
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10/8/12 3:34 P

Thanks, I appreciate the kind sentiment!

BILL60 Posts: 883,691
10/8/12 3:29 P

Welcome to SP. I wish you the very best in your quest for a healthier you.

JILLYBOBILLY SparkPoints: (351)
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10/8/12 2:32 P

Hello, everyone! My name is Jill and I am completely new to not only SparkPeople but to any kind of weight loss/health tracker in general. I am hoping that this will help keep me motivated to do what needs to be done. Thank you for letting me be a part of this community and I look forward to...everything!

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