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You really need to check what the regulations are in your state.

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Currently I am preparing my house to get licensed for a home daycare. I am hoping someone can answer this question, maybe another mom on here does a daycare. I have a one story house but our living room is lower than the rest of the house. So there is one step going from our living room to our kitchen, hallway/entry way, a tiny little area that we use for our computer and a step by our back door. Any advise on what to do? Someone told me I would have to have a gate up. This was not someone from DHS. I have called and am waiting for someone to call me back so I can ask them this question. But it was someone who does a home daycare but she is in another county so it could be different. So if I have a gate do I just lift all the kids over if we need to go to another part of the house? And what about the one going to the back door? We need to go outside to play. Do I just block that and lift them all over?? Thank you for any help I can get!

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