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10/10/12 9:41 P

Everything went well today at my post-op appointment with my surgeon. He removed the staples and told me that I can finally start to do some thing in the way of walking and physio. I am so happy that I can finally go without alot of pain right now. mind ya I still get pain at night but that is normal. I can wait until my next checkup in 5 weeks because he is going to let me know whats wrong with my right ankle because it hurts when I try and stand on it to long. I hope that it isnt fractured.
I made supper tonight for the first time in 2 weeks and I loved it. My son is always doing the cooking for me but i did it. My knee looks funny with a line down the centre of it now but its worth it.

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10/5/12 10:18 A

Hope you continue to heal. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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10/5/12 7:02 A

Hi everyone just popping in to keep you up to date on my recovery after a total knee replacement. Everything is going great so far. The pain is still as strong as it was when i came home last week but at least i can bare weight on my leg now. I have my first physio session this afternoon and i hope that they dont put me through hell because i dont think i can handle anymore pain. My knee is still in perfect allinement and i think that in a few weeks i will be able to walk like i use to. But i am not going to push it.

So wish me luck on a speedy recovery

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9/30/12 5:29 P

Hi everyone,
Its great to be back home again after 6 days in the hospital. I had my surgery last Monday and everything went great. I am now the owner of a brand new prostectic knee joint. I had a complete total knee replacement done and I am in pain right now but that is normal with surgery like this.
I got home yesterday and ended up being on my feet for 4 hours when i got home but now i am taking it easy finally and taking care of myself finally. I want to be able to walk and run again without pain. I also want to be able to exercise again in 6 to 8 weeks and feel better when I do because i want to be able to show off my new look. I will take a few pictures of my knee and leg to show you all what it looks like now and what it looks like after the staples comes out and the brousing is gone.
That way you can see what it will take for me to get back in shape after I heal.

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