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SHEL_V2 Posts: 189
5/13/12 11:42 P

I've loved every yummy bite of several variations on this:

The version in their book, The Veganomicon is slightly different, calling for grated lemon peel instead of lemon juice. I usually use a little less garlic than they call for. I've used Pacific Natural Foods Organic Mushroom broth for the 1/2 c that gets mixed in and it gives it a satisfying taste. I used just 1 tbls of nutritional yeast this time, and that was fine.

I had this for dinner tonight, sliced and sauteed, over spaghetti squash, with lemon juice and capers. Really a good dinner for under 350 calories, with 35 grams of protein.

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5/11/12 12:32 P

Did you make it? What did you think?

I LOVE they taste/texture, but found out I'm gluten sensitive after I'd made this a few times. emoticon

This recipe makes great "chickenless nonMcNuggets" if you bread them (panko is best) and fry them in coconut oil!

SARA72121 Posts: 843
5/4/12 10:59 A

Thank you so much! I'll try it out, and thank you for the tip! I would have ended up going to whole foods and spending a small fortune on the vital wheat gluten!

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5/3/12 12:09 P

This one is YUMMMY:

I made it from the REAL FOOD DAILY COOKBOOK and have eaten in the author's restaurant, also. It is very "chicken-y."

Also, the "360 g" of vital wheat gluten = 3 cups. You don't have to go to a health food store to find it--WalMart has it by the flours for cheap.

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SARA72121 Posts: 843
5/2/12 11:12 P

I'm looking for a recipe for homemade seitan. Please only post a recipe if you've tried it and like it emoticon

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