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6/29/11 9:03 P

I agree -- the food processor is a great investment. (You'll never buy preshredded cheese again!)

Until then, try mashing with a potato masher first, then blending with a little of the bean liquid as another poster suggested.

A stick blender would also probably work well and is less expensive than a processor. You'd probably still need to start them out by mashing with a potato masher, but you wouldn't need as much liquid as with a regular blender and you'll get a smoother result, similar to a food processor. (Cuisinart SmartStick is usually around $30 on sale from or
Sur La Table. com)

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6/28/11 9:46 P

dear god, I can't believe you tried to make hummus in a blender. What a hassle!!! It must have taken forever. Seriously, you can buy little food processors for a pittance at walmart, and considering how much money you'll save using it, it will pay for itself in a few months. and making hummus takes about 30 seconds. total. Without all the hell of trying to make it in a blender!

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6/28/11 12:28 A

You should just buy a food processor (or ask for one as a gift, or a series of gift cards to the same store). Food processors make life in the kitchen easier and a good quality model will last for decades.

6/27/11 8:36 P

You -can- make it in a blender, it will just perhaps end up a little runnier than you're used to. Reserve the liquid that you cook the chickpeas in (or if they are canned, reserve that) and add in a bit more.

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6/27/11 4:15 P

I tried my hand at making my own hummus in a blender recently. It was delicious, but the stupid beans didn't want to blend in my blender no matter what setting I put it on. I had to keep stirring and rearranging everything and even then the hummus was lumpier than I'd like it to be. What, if anything, did I do wrong? Should I be using a food processor instead of a blender?

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