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5/11/13 4:02 A

Steam them.

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
5/9/13 9:30 A

You can put an apple slice or two in the bag.
Maybe these were supposed to be hard/crispy...What type of fat you use in the dough usually dictates how cookies turn out. ....did you use butter, margarine,shortening ,oil, or what? I can`t remember, but you can look on the internet what fat to use for soft cookies....Alton Brown did a Good Eats show on this a few years ago.
Hope this helps in the future!

5/6/13 1:31 A

Stick a piece of bread in an airtight container with the cookies. When the bread gets stale (usually 2-3 days) replace it with a new piece.

BAMEIBOO Posts: 663
5/5/13 8:05 P

Move to Fl bake cookies and in less than two hours all cookies are soft-humidity:-) :-)

BAMEIBOO Posts: 663
5/5/13 8:05 P

Move to Fl bake cookies and in less than two hours all cookies are soft-humidity:-) :-)

PEARL-STEWART Posts: 1,314
5/4/13 9:51 P

Where to start...
To soften the cookies, the plastic bag was a good idea. Take a sheet of paper towel, wet it, then wring it out, form it into a ball, and add to the plastic bag. Seal tight. The cookies will absorb the moisture from the towel.

To avoid this in the future:
Maybe your oven is hot, or the recipe temperature suggestion is too high. Reduce it.
Maybe the cookies tray is too thin, in which case use a silicon mat on top.
Hard cookies may not have enough fat.
Maybe it was rolled too thin. That would dry them out.
They might be too dense with insufficient liquid.

As you can see, there are any number of variables to adjust.

JJ625JONES Posts: 130
5/1/13 10:28 P

Hi, they are plain cookies, sugar and vanilla but they came out really hard. At first I thought it was because I over-cooked them (they didn't appear very golden brown). What can I do to soften them? I read I should put them in the microwave but it didn't help much and they're in a plastic bag and that's not helping much either.
And what can I do in the future when baking cookies to avoid this kind of thing?
Thank you!

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