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7/11/12 4:02 P

Just talk to him about how you would like to start the kids off eating healthy. You coudl even tell him how you didn't get off to a great start as a child. Maybe ask him for suggestions on helathy eating for your children. Try not to accuse him of doing something wrong-that may make him defensive. You can do a web search for how much food a toddler needs each day-you may be suprised to find out it isn't that much.

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7/10/12 3:53 P

Yep, communication is vital in not only one's relationship with their spouse, but with their children too. You'll never know if you truly have an issue until it has been throughly discussed and worked on for some time. Even when folks agree to doing something, sometimes it takes time to condition themselves to the new action. So talk, compromise if needed, then act. Keep the faith.

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7/9/12 9:01 A

Just talk to him. Tell him that you want to start being healthier as a family so your kids don't have the same issues you do. Buy and make healthier foods. Only have the healthier stuff in the house for him to choose from for lunches. But, he's your husband, just talk to him and tell him how you're feeling.

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So, my husband and I have been married for almost six years. We have two amazing children (Girl age 3, and a boy at 10 months). My husband and I have never really been small people, but with the addition of children, I don't want to be a fat mom. I want to be fun and play and run with them.

I believe that part of my job as a mom is to help my kids learn how to eat. Which is something my parents never did, hence the weight of 230 pounds. But last night I realized that my husband is not quite on the same page.

We had pasta for dinner, and my daughter is going through a rejection of tomato sauce, so we generally just offer her plain pasta with a little Parmesan cheese. Except when my husband brought her noodles to the table they were dripping with butter. I mean I probably could have lifted a noodle and watched the butter drip off.

How do I tell him that I don't want my kids eating like that? Especially since I work full time, and he is the stay at home dad. Is this what he feeds her for lunch too?

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