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10/30/12 6:02 P

LOL My 3 year old son is doing that EXACT same thing..I have started saying "I don't know you tell me why". Its been working actually he stops asking it (at least for a little bit)
Gotta love those kiddos :)

10/30/12 11:00 A

We are in the 'why' stage right now. I answer up to about 5 in a row before I ask why she is asking.. LOL!
And forget movies!! Why is he doing that? Why did she say that? Why are they in a red car? etc etc.. I try to be patient because I don't it won't last forever. But, it can get frustrating at times. And be quite silly other times. Enjoy!

BERKANA_T Posts: 138
10/29/12 4:28 P

This thread gave me a much needed smile today, not so much because of the content of the thread, but because of the memories it invoked.

My daughter is well past the 'why' stage now, but remembering how I used to handle her endless questions made me remember one particular instance when I was tired and frustrated, and just didn't have the mental acuity at that particular moment to come up with an appropriate response to her latest series of 'why' questions. Instead, in reply to her why, I told her (in a rather exasperated voice I'm afraid) to "Stop asking why!"

There was a thoughtful pause from my darling daughter, likely in response to the tone of voice as much as to the words. And then her tiny little voice piped up...

"How come?"

EWILLIAMS1000 Posts: 242
10/21/12 12:27 A

I am homeschooling my four older children with three toddlers. We get a lot of "whys". Even my one year old says why, I think more from parroting his older brother and sister. I get a lot of compliments that my little ones "talk like grownups" and although it's easy when there is that many bigger people in the house, it mostly comes from me talking to them like they are older. Instead of seeing them as "needing time to understand" I answer their questions in terms that will take time for them to understand especially after asking 80 times, however, we don't have much babytalk in the house. Even if it will be a while before there is full comprehension, they are getting the truth from me in kid appropriate language. Rather about the easter bunny, shoe tying, nail polish, or sex. There are a lot of conversations going on everyday and why is inevitable. Consider it a blessing, and talk to him like he will eventually be a teenager. It might be anoying right now, but once you have teenagers and they are accustom to you talking in real terms, they will keep talking, and fortunately, still asking "why".

JADOMB SparkPoints: (134,622)
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10/1/12 1:32 P

Totally agree with Luann. This is the most important time for a parent to help form that little person's mind. Just remember, if you don't answer those questions, SOMEONE else will and they may not be correct or appropriate. So enjoy these years, because time will come when they STOP asking you WHY. That is when you really should be concerned. That either means they FEEL they already know the answer, or someone else is telling them what they want to learn. Which isn't always a good thing. Keep the faith.

9/25/12 10:12 P

I agree with ALMEEKER...when our sons were small ( they are now all in their 30s & have blessed us with 9 Grandchildren), I would respond to their "Why's" with..."Well,what do you think?" This was a great way to clear up any wrong or incorrect ideas they may have had about a topic and also gave me time to think of the sort of response I felt was appropriate for the situation.
Sometimes, all they really wanted was a bit of attention from me. Then,depending on their age & the "Why"...I'd change the subject, give them a proper answer or say..."Just because that's the reason/way it is...I don't know why." It is perfectly fine to say...I don't a question.
The last time my 9 year old Grandgirl was here for the weekend, she asked me "Why is the sky blue?" Now, there are any number of ways to answer can get scientific & explain light refraction, you can discuss God & how He made the sky blue, you can say that you're not exactly sure--but,it is a really pretty color,isn't it & would you like to draw & color a picture of it with me ? lol
I'm not sure this was helpful, but it was from the heart. And, now, I chuckle when I hear my sons try to answer the "Whys" from their little ones & look to me for help...

ALMEEKER Posts: 32
9/24/12 3:07 P

Lol, ah yes the good old days of "WHY?". Enjoy it because all too soon he'll clam up and ask all his (worst possible influence) friends. Our middle child hit the "why" stage HARD. It occurred to me that asking "why?" was the most effective way to keep a big person talking and that the best way to answer it was to ask my child questions in reply. The input you give them is invaluable, but teaching him to make conversation, think for himself, and express himself clearly is equally important. So the next time he asks "why?", say something like, "I'm not sure, what do you think?" If you think you're answers are funny, just wait... I'll bet Little Man has some doozies of his own.

A woman I know has written several children's books just from her children's questions and observations, so keep your notebook handy... I would also add that our two youngest children hit "why" hard and both of them needed glasses, so a visit with the eye doctor is not a bad plan either, get a good baseline exam prior to that whole school thing...

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,413
9/23/12 9:55 P

"How do you like to answer your toddler's why questions?"

With an age-appropriate, truthful answer.

BTW - I miss that age now that it's gone....

FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (10,399)
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9/23/12 9:22 P

My son is communicating in ways I never imagined.
He was always a quiet child. But here we are trying to keep up with the answers to WHY this and why that. I try to be as fortwright as possible so he will learn and understand.
Then it gets to be so comical, I make up a jokey answer.
How do you like to answer your toddler's why questions?

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