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7/1/03 3:38 A

I would think it counts. I sometimes walk with a group of people and the walk takes thirty minutes more than it would have done if I had been on my own so I just don't include the extra thirty minutes. In the same way, when I go to a 60-minute line dancing class I usually count it as between 30-45 minutes, depending on how long I reckon has been spent by the leader demonstrating the steps, drinks of water, etc.

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6/30/03 1:49 A

I would say that counts as exercise. I'm no expert, but if that is an intense workout for you and your heart, then put it in there. Everyone has their own level of fitness and a different definition of an "intense workout." A marathon runner would probably consider the 3 mile run that I do once a week as a slow jogging warm-up and not exercise, but for me, it is quite intense. Its all relative.

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6/27/03 7:22 A

I have a heart condition, which merely slows me down(Dr. approves and encourages my activity). I read the criteria for contributions to the challenge and wonder if I measure up. What is intense for me might be light or moderate for you. Can I still contribute? For instance, I take Penny for a 45 minutes walk. She spends some of her time out sniffing and snooping. So I calculate I've walked for 20 minutes of the 45, probably more but I'm conservative. Can I add my stop-and-go 20 minutes to the total...or is it just a stroll?

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SMCCOSH Posts: 390
6/19/03 4:49 P

Starting small is the best way. Some days for me are 15 minute "maintenance" workouts, other days, when I have more time the can be up to 2 hours. The key really is consistency...being active everyday, or at least several times per week.

Momentum works both ways! Keep up what you're doing and keep drinking that water!

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6/19/03 2:12 P

MrsJaynes, your posts are welcome no matter how frequent or infrequent! :)

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
6/10/03 9:20 A

Hey MrsJaynes: Add your workouts to the Million Minutes Challenge and I'll certainly cheer you on. I'm sure everybody else will too.

MRSJAYNES Posts: 2,051
6/6/03 10:32 P

Hey, I am not good about posting every does someone new start contributing to these challanges or will our meager efforts be wanted occassionally?? I always drink 64 ounces of water a day, besides coffee and/or occassional juice and I do short bursts of exercise throughout my day[s] that usually add up to about 45 to 60 minutes. Some of it is walking and some pushups/crunches, etc. You regulars with your three digit totals being added to often can be intimidating!

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