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10/2/11 10:36 A

Some of you may know that my hubby is very sick. Practically homebound. The latest diagnosis added Parkinson's to all the rest. He sort of gave up on life and we nearly lost him a coupe of times this year. He has spent most of the last eight years in bed. I finally got hubby up and moving. Poor me, I needed someone to toss a ball with. Not something one can do alone. emoticon

I bought a medicine ball. I convinced him to play catch with me. Stand 6 feet apart, toss underhand and bend knees as you catch and return. Then a few days later I asked him to try passing the ball to one another by standing back to back and turning first to one side and then the other passing the ball off. After that I grabbed the 65mm ball and we rolled it back and forth across the living room. emoticon

Okay now, any other suggestions? I'd love to keep this going and maybe add a few more exercises but haven't thought up any more. He needs to think he's helping me. Any "couples" mild exercise ideas I can suck him into. emoticon

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