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2/3/09 2:17 A

I am also in an office where there are always "bad" things on the side i need to avoid, but my colleagues get offended if i say no so what I do is accept and say something like "i'll keep that for my treat later" and then when I see a chance i either bin it or put it back! I know it's sneaky but you get a real sense of acheivement from it!

TSQUAR Posts: 4
2/1/09 9:18 A

I am going to suggest some things that might seem "out there", but remember...we are trying to avoid these treats...

1. I have a drawer at work. If I really want a candy or wrapped treat, I take one and put it in that drawer for later. I usually find that I forgot about it or that I didn't want it...I talked myself out of the instant gratification. It was also very rewarding to look at the drawer and see how full it was becoming! Very powerful!

2. Homemade sweets/treats by anyone outside your home - Have you seen their kitchen...maybe it is very dirty. Maybe they lick their fingers when the make things. Think of the grossest food-related thing and apply it to that homemade treat.

3. Ask yourself is this cheesecake/cookie/chocolate bar REALLY worth the guilt, the poundage, the disappointment?

4. Ask yourself, on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being highest, how "worthy" is this treat? Is it a stupid ol' Keebler cheap cookie or a cookie from a bakery in New York that you will never again have the chance to eat?

5. If you keep a food journal, think about entering that item in. Will it cause you guilt later?

6. If you must indulge, take one bit and then chuck the rest. Seriously. Allow yourself to taste it but then it goes...

7. Think about fat. Think about the images of fat that Oprah and all other talk shows have had on...the carts of FAT. If you aren't grossed out by that, think about the act of "eating" that fat...get the picture? The desire will soon fade.

8. Finally, remind yourself that you are worth WAAAAY more than a cheap a** doughnut, cookie, or whatever...tell yourself that. Save those calories for a special time with people you love and enjoy and with food on YOUR terms, not just because someone else chose a sweet everyone should eat.

Hope this helps!

1/30/09 4:50 P

I work at an upscale steakhouse part time in addition to going to school fulltime (18 hrs!).

I come across this problem all of the time! Our chefs make treats for us servers - things like kobe steaks that are too small to serve to a guest... prime rib...homemade spinach dip for bar guests... basically, we get to try everything.

At the end of last year, I was really nice about trying everything. After all, they want to know how their food tastes and being chefs, they feel pride when we enjoy their food. Now that I'm trying to cut down for my wedding in May, I tell them frankly, "No, I'm scaling back on my calories." I really find that being blunt about your intentions rather than skirting the issue is much less offensive to others.

JWALLD Posts: 514
1/29/09 2:19 P

I just tell them flat-out that I'm calorie-counting and that I can't. Or I have a tiny piece and still explain that I'm calorie-counting. People are pretty good about understanding.

PSFITMOMMY413 Posts: 7,877
1/29/09 6:15 A

In addition to brining my own snack and drinking water, I scan the room and look at the people that are eating the worst snacks. They tend to be the ones that I don't want to look like. I know it's mean, but it keeps me focused and on track.

1/28/09 9:13 A

I just avoid them when possible, eat one of my own low cal snacks and remember why I'm doing this!

MRSRMH Posts: 115
1/21/09 4:59 P

I totally feel your pain..we have weekly staff meetings with snacks! I either quietly pass and have my healthy snack afterwards or get a piece, take a bite or two, and then put my napkin over it so that I can't see it or be tempted anymore. I've found that it's easier to just not have any, but if it's not an option, do something after a few bites that makes the food unappetizing to you.

Good luck!

1/21/09 4:04 P

My office celebrates birthdays by buying cheesecake and other high-fat foods on my "absolutely not" list.
What happens is that we all gather to celebrate a birthday and the pressure is on to eat a treat (even some goading about my "bride" diet).

How do you politely decline to indulge? Last time I ate carrot sticks. LOL.

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