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8/7/12 7:33 P

If you're only eating 1200 calories, that's part of your problem. 1200 calories is fine for women who are sedentary and close to their goal weight, but it may not be enough for you; especially if you're spending some of those calories on empty items like soda. Fanta has nothing in it your body can use, so if you are only eating 1200 calories, you're likely shortchanging yourself on nutrients. 1200 is the minimum you need to ensure your body gets the nutrients you need, and you're wasting 120 of them on empty soda calories. :)

Soda's fine in moderation, but you'll need to add more on top of that to meet your minimum nutritional needs. This is one of the reason we have a range to work with... you have a range of at the very minimum 1200-1550... that means you can have your soda, and still eat 1200 calories of healthy, nutritious food on top of that. Given your headaches, I would STRONGLY advise doing so!

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8/7/12 7:19 P

Thanks Maggie - I think you are right. It seemed like the venison (which I haven't had yet) was low. I planned the day in advance so I went ahead and had an egg and am reworking the the venison and watermelon. Dinner is in about an hour so I'll add another vegetable to get me to my 1200.

Thanks for the help.

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8/7/12 6:55 P

Your not eating enough food...weigh your watermelon in grams...Because I think the counter is off on this food...I eat it every day (watermelon) and two slices is not 180 calories. 455 grams (about a pound) is only 145 calories. A cup off watermelon balls is only 45 I think the slice thing is off. Your cereal in the morning did it include milk? if not that is too many calories for cereal. The wacky orange thing...120 calories..empty calories...Your venison...I think that number is way off to. It being to high. Venison is the leanest meat you can eat 3oz serving is about 128 again I think you have calculated high.

Even with this being didn't eat the minimum calorie allotment of 1200 and I think the watermelon and venison you over calculated the calories leaving you even lower than the 1074.

It also takes time for your body to adjust to the changes, but you need to eat at least 1200 per day and try to make them packed with nutrition.. not empty or high calorie foods with no nutritional benefits.

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8/7/12 6:28 P

You should not have to tough out pain to lose weight! If you're so hungry your head hurts EAT SOMETHING.

I have some questions for you. What is your current calorie range? What are your weekly weight loss goals? What was your calorie intake before? What is your current daily intake?

Medifast is an extremely low-calorie diet, and doesn't provide anyone with enough food to support any kind of activity.

This is not a race. You can't do this quickly. It took time to put the weight on, and it will take time to take it off. Push your goal date out, and aim for lower weight loss per week. You will get more food to eat, and you'll still get there, and you'll do it without starving yourself, giving yourself headaches, and being miserable.

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8/7/12 6:18 P

According to your tracker you've eaten 954 calories today. That is far from enough for your body, and probably why you have a headache if you are doing this on a regular basis.

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8/7/12 5:49 P

Hi all,

This is day 1 and I'm trying to stick to my calorie count. Its now almost 3:00 and i have a raging headache! My water intake is good. I'm thinking itis my body trying to con me into more food and I'm resisting.

I tried Medifast once and the headache lasted for 4 days and I was about ready to eat my own arm off. But it passed.

Any suggestions? I can tough it out but I thought maybe someone has come along with a mini meal or something that will stop the headache without derailing me.

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