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2/9/12 12:58 A

i dont think its really hungry so much as it is the feeling of not being stuffed. I have that problem... drink more water. also... i notice sleeping helps too... not staying up late eliminates late night snacking. I also find hiding the sugary-stuff from myself helps. keep the stuff you dont feel like eatting... like carrot stick and yogurt, so when ur just munchy and just wanting to eat from bordom, generally ill look in the fridge n be like "ugh, i dont want that" n ill leave the kitchen. if it IS for real hunger, i guess try peanut butter... that uausally subsides my hunger till the next meal.

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2/8/12 8:44 P

I was super hungry the first few weeks. My sparkpoints range is probably only 400 under from what I was used to eating, but was I so hungry. I try to stick within my sparkpoints carb/fat/protein ratio and that has helped. I find that cutting all carbs or eating low fat doesn't work for me- I will just binge on it later. I try to have a veggie with lunch and 2 with dinner. For dinner tonight the veggies were a cup of coleslaw (with a tbsp of light mayo and vinegar) zuchinni with a tbsp of parm cheese) The veggies don't add a lot of calories and make my plate look full. I also find seafood and chicken gives me lots of protein-with not a ton of calories- (I just try not to add lots of calories when I prepare it.)
I think cutting out a lot of the processed foods has helped me feel fuller.
I also drink water with every meal. (at least 8 ounces).

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2/4/12 1:20 P

Watch the proportions of carb to fat to protein in your meals. I find I'm fuller if I've got (relatively) fewer carbs to protein. I'm most satistifed when my carbs are less than 50% of my calories. I use protein to make up the difference.

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2/3/12 2:15 P

Another thing that I found when I first started restricting calories was that I was really thirsty instead of hungry. I try to keep hydrated with caffeine-free tea, water, and in general lots of fluids. It doesn't take care of all of the hunger by any means, but it does help!

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2/3/12 11:05 A

I think to a certain extent that feelings of hunger go with losing weight. It's part of the process. For me to lose I drop down to 1200 cals a day...yeah, I'm hungry, but I'm also losing weight.

If people could lose weight without being hungry then everyone would be skinny.

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2/3/12 9:28 A

What's a typical meal like for you? Have you played around with fat/protein and carb amounts. If you eat a lot of processed foods, that could be contributing to hunger. I find a 300 calorie frozen diet meal to be less satisfying (i.e. I'm very hungry an hour or two later) than a whole grain tortilla wrap filled with a bit of salsa, tomatoes, lettuce and FF refried beans.

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2/2/12 9:35 P

I can't seem to make it on less than 1500 calories a day without being pretty hungry off and on, especially in the evenings--I am eating 3 meals, about 400 calories each and 2 snacks (fruit, yougurt, nuts) --any ideas to control hunger without major calories?

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