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7/21/12 7:28 A

Well it is Saturday and it has been 2 weeks since I last weighed myself. I actually gained weight, now plus 3 lbs (175 lbs). My husband lost 4 lbs. We started measuring our food and the work out is continous. I logged my food intake and was not on point on a few days. Busted my 1200 a day cal. So, I will consider today as the starting point. As long as I follow the plan and press on, I know I will shed the lbs eventually.Thanks for all your encouragement, especially the last 2 weeks which was difficult, to follow the plan and not see results on the scale, for me at least. Okay - enough of that, we have to walk off this yummy dinner we had, spaghetti with beans, tomato and spinach. Sparkpeole recipe, one of the best I have had.

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7/19/12 8:42 A

My husband & I are teaming it too. when we first started we set a weigh day, posted our weight on fridge. Started out great, then I'd think I'd had a good week, get on scale, no i didn't. I got very frustrated and finally stopped chasing pounds and started chasing inches, and just stayed committed to menu and daily exercise. I felt, saw results.

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7/18/12 9:54 P

There's at least one "couch-to-5k" team/program on the site. You don't say what your current fitness level is, so I don't know if that's going to be too easy, but it's a great way to get moving in a planned, practical way.

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7/18/12 10:00 A

I know about the scale mishap. My analog scale weighs six pounds less than the digital one. So of course I was using the analog scale until hubby brought home the digital one. About seven weeks into my journey I got weighed in at the hospital. Learned it was the digital scale that was correct. So even though I was still 10 pounds down from the start, I was still obese, and not just overweight. It was depressing, but not a reason to give up. I think the first few weeks are difficult because there is so much to be mindful of and learn. We try to do it in baby steps to make it easier, and as each baby step is added and conquered, we gain momentum to continue. Hubby and I are both on Sparks, but I am the one that makes the food and I log in all of the info as he has no patience for it. He has learned how detrimental his snacking was for his weight loss goals. Anyway, good luck to both of you on your journeys. Be good and stay strong.

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7/17/12 11:25 A

Congrats on getting started! I completely understand how crushing it can feel to realize the scale is so different. Regardless, progress is progress and as you continue to make healthier choices you will see the results you're working toward!

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7/17/12 10:44 A

First off, CONGRATULATIONS for making the decision to change your life. Good for both of you! The first week is awful, the second week will probably be awful too. In fact, you're going to have some pretty un-fun weeks ahead, but I swear, at one point, its gonna click and become second nature. My wife got me to try sparkpeople after we started a "biggest loser challenge" against each other. We gave ourselves 4 months (the length of the show) to see how much we could lose. I'm REALLY competitive, so this was exactly what I needed for motivation. If it was just "We need to lose weight. Let's got workout!" it never would have stuck.

I like that you're doing this as a team. It helps to have someone else to motivate you. We did a competition, but still cheered each other on as we went. It really helped to see my wife in the gym, since I knew I'd lose ground to her if I didn't get my butt in there too. After the challenge: I had lost 45lbs and my wife had lost 35. I WON!! I got a new rototiller attatchement for my trimmer and a set of adjustable dumbells as my prizes. But really the prizes I got were my health back and my wife in a smokin hot body.

We've now gone on to lose 80+ (me) and 50+ (my wife). Couldn't have done it without her.

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7/17/12 10:22 A


I felt compelled to share this information I have learned about affirmations:
When using affirmations they are more effective when positive, as negatives are not understood by the brain. "I will not stress" is translated to the brain as "I will stress" . You may want to replace it with something like. " I am calm and increasing my physical and mental ability" or I am focused, happy, healthy and strong"

I wish you and your husband the best of success emoticon

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7/17/12 9:42 A

It has been a week - everyday, my husband and I have been working out and today is our rest day. Thanks to for gympact - now I am forced to go to the gym 3x a week or else I will get charged for it. Yesterday, also started day 1 of Coach Nicole's 28 day bootcamp.
Today, we finally tried to sync our meal plan. That was not as easy as we thought. Then, the 2 hour grocery shopping and trying to get everything on the list, whew. Well, 1st week was fitness, this week will be fitness and meals. Too bad there is no way to sync our meals via sparkpeople. But we'll manage. Baby steps.
Do any of you know of a running program, since I am testing in September. I have to make at least make 17 minutes for the 1.5 mile, not to mention, 36 sit ups and 25 push ups. Waist must be less than 35 too, for me to pass, but these love handles are killing me. I will not stress, I will not stress. Got to have a good attitude

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7/9/12 4:36 P

Take that felling you have now and convert it into determination!

Go out, buy a good scale, and use no other scale.

Finally, it is great you are a team! I would have never made it this far without my fella. There are a lot of things I can say about that but let me tell you the most important thing. Set aside some time EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to talk about your diet and fitness goals. Anything you are feeling, anything you are thinking, anything that tempted you through out the day. Brain storm on problems in that time, and think about the future. Having that nightly ritual will keep you on track and keep you close on this one. It will also help keep you from being tempted throughout the day: I found that I didn't stray from my plan because I didn't want to tell him that I did :)

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7/9/12 7:47 A


Hang in there. Even though the numbers are far off, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...may today be the first day of an incredible journey for you and your husband.

I wish you both well!

Coach Nancy

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7/9/12 12:23 A

Sparkpeople cook book - check. Sparks book - check. 28 day sparkpeople bootcamp video - check. So, my husband and I are finally seriously trying to lose weight and was so psyched cause our scale showed a great starting weight to begin. Then we weighed ourselves in our gym yesterday and I was 17 pounds off from the (gym and hospital scales confirmed calibrated). GRRRRRRR. Depressing.

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