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6/26/12 7:27 A

Husband made dinner last night. Cubed steaks and mashed potatos. I had an apple instead of the pots

6/19/12 8:40 A

My husband can fend for himself in the kitchen too. But then he would have to go to the grocery store because I do the shopping and most, most, most of the food in the house is the healthy stuff. Not much of the "old" food stocked up any more in our pantry.

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6/16/12 11:48 P

My boyfriend has also lost weight but he is not happy about. I cut sugar and high fat foods. I think we eat more food now because its all fresh/whole foods. We had a huge fight after dinner. I had to remind him I'm his girlfriend not his personal chef.

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6/13/12 1:39 P

That show you how important nutrition and smart eating is so important. You now have to "learn" him that while that is good that he lost weight, if he doesn't do some ST, he will also lose muscle mass. Keep the faith.

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6/13/12 1:01 P

Well that's a nice side effect:-) My problem is that my husband eats at work three meals a day every third day and firefighters aren't always known to choose healthy foods!

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6/11/12 8:41 A

Since I've changed our meals to be more healthy and lower calorie, my husband reports that he has lost 20 pounds since his last Dr. visit. He did give me credit for it though. Now if I could just get him to exercise with me. . . emoticon

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