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5/2/03 3:19 P

LEIGHIA- I'm interested to follow your progress and want to support you. I'm currently pregnant with my first child and in the process of gaining. I have some friends who have lost it fast and others who have needed more time. You are at a good place here at SparkPeople for support. I put all my food in the food tracker of GoalPilot. Have you registered for GoalPilot? Its great!

LEIGHIA Posts: 9
1/31/03 12:56 P

Yes, that would be great exercise, but there is so much snow and ice here. I better stick to the indoors until summer, but great idea.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
1/31/03 9:08 A

Here are some ideas for good forms of exercise for moms: (1) Walking with the baby in a back pack and the older child in a wagon. (2) Home Exercise Videos (Wahoo for The Firm!).

LEIGHIA Posts: 9
1/30/03 8:45 P

My goal is to lose everything I have kept after having my second child, he is 2 months old now. I am 5 foot 8 and 183lbs. I know a lot of work ahead of me, so my long term goal is my brother in-Law is getting married on July 26/2003, I am his future wife's matron of honour, so I want to be as healthy looking as I can be and feel good about myself when I am walking down the isle and giving speeches, so this support program is exactly what I need.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
1/29/03 6:09 P

Welcome. You can do it! Let us know about your program so that we can encourage you in the best way possible.

LEIGHIA Posts: 9
1/29/03 3:17 P

I am so happy I registered, I have a feeling this is going to work, I won;t give up. I have a wedding that I am a maid of honour in, and want to impress myself with a smaller dress size.

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