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FORUM:   Getting Fit Over 50

I've been gone for a long time

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Posts: 3,145
3/24/11 8:08 P

Welcome back. Don't try and do too much too soon. You don't want to hurt yourself or burn out before you get going. Try walking. It's easy to do and a great low impact exercise.

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3/24/11 5:43 P

Welcome home!

remember ...perfection is the enemy of done.

just choice at a time.

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Posts: 2,999
3/19/11 8:37 A

Welcome back! You didn't fail, you just had a setback. Look forward. Slow and steady and you can do this. We are all here for suuport if you need it! emoticon emoticon

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3/18/11 10:19 P


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3/18/11 10:53 A

You are just one decision away from a milestone in your life. That this what was important for me. Making the decision that I wanted to be healthy. That's it. Sound good? Then just get on this site. Do it for the long run. Not a sprint. Just get started. Do it for those who love you. Do it for yourself.


Posts: 1,437
3/18/11 12:54 A

For us older women, I really advise strength training and weights. Yes, I put in a lot of cardio too. But I am realizing more and more that I absolutely have to keep pushing with the strength training to keep my metabolism up.

Posts: 16,023
3/17/11 7:12 P

Welcome back!

Posts: 37
3/17/11 4:50 P

Hi everyone,its been a couple years since I joined here and I am ashamed to say I failed.I let life get the best of me.I am now 67 and want to lose about 75 to 100 lbls.I have alot of health issues and deal with alot of pain.I'm so tired of taking pills that don't help anyway.I started a couple weeks ago changing what I have been eating and have lost 7lbs but I know I need to get some kind of exercise in.

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