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KKBUG2014 Posts: 4,725
3/31/05 10:47 A

That is awesome! Good Job!

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,292
3/31/05 4:07 A

That is neat! I have a long way to go to be at my drivers lic. weight.

Aunt Bee

PEABODY04 Posts: 1,535
3/30/05 2:34 P

WOOOOHOOOO, Congratulations!!! That's fabulous!! You're thread caught my eye because I would love to be my driver's liscense weight (actually lower), but I'd actually be satisfied if I just made that. My liscense is WAY wrong! ;) I'm just beginning, so you're thread gives me motivation to keep at it. Perhaps one day I can say the same thing.

GLINKETTE Posts: 4,797
3/30/05 1:44 P

Yeah, I have thought about it.....will think some more!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 62,721
3/30/05 10:54 A

Woo Hoo, Karen!!

You have been working so hard and should be very proud of yourself! Ever thought about submitting a Success Story? I write them up and think you could be an inspiration to others! Something to think about....

Coach Jen

GLINKETTE Posts: 4,797
3/30/05 10:21 A

I have had 120 on my drivers license since I moved to Ohio, in 1998. Well, that *may* have been accurate back then not sure! But I am actually a 1/2 pound below that! I always wanted to be my drivers license weight, and laughed at it when I was heavier, never thinking I would get there. I get it renewed in July 2006, now my goal is to be 5 pounds below that when I get my new license!!!

Long road, even for 20 pounds!


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