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6/25/12 3:09 P

Thanks all guys, i think i got my answers. :)

As far as my weight loss is concerned i have already mentioned i lost 8 Kgs in one month, it was actually before joining Sparkpeople. Thanks

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,755
6/25/12 2:10 P

Anarie has given you some good advice. The only thing I'd add is that you'll want to make sure your calories burned goal reflects how much exercise you're doing. That may or may not change your recommended calorie range, but at least you'll know for sure that your range is based on accurate information.

Coach Jen

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
6/25/12 11:56 A

Don't change anything yet. Two weeks is meaningless. Weight loss doesn't happen in a straight line, and there are hundreds of things beside food and exercise that can affect your weight for a few weeks at a time. If you're a woman, you'll start to see a pattern every 4 weeks. For both genders, changes in the weather can be a big factor. Has it gotten hot where you are? That can cause water weight.

Plateaus are measured in months, not weeks. You've been lucky enough to lose consistently for a while, but it's normal for there to be flat stretches and even small "gains" as you lose. Just be patient, and don't change what was working for you before, unless you go at least two more weeks without any loss.

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6/25/12 11:26 A

Thanks for your suggestions JEN.

well my Calories to Eat per day goal is between 1500-1850 Calories and i usually do meet up with that. However, seems like i m just exercising a little bit too much. like my GOAL says i shall burn 650 Calories per Week, whereas i go beyond 1600 last week as per my exercise routine.

Though i m not feeling any weakness or something like that, and rested for three days in a weak. Is in a little bit too much? Shall i continue that or lower down my Exercise minutes?

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6/25/12 11:23 A

Well Thanks for Your suggestions, i m keeping with them.

And yeah my tracker says 168 Pounds, thats not in kg :P

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/21/12 3:36 P

Congratulations on a great loss so far! Well done!

Now that you're much closer to an ideal weight, you need to eat more, not less. Increasing exercise and reducing calories is probably why you're not losing weight now.

Instead, leave the exercise at a sustainable lifestyle level, and eat a little more as you lose, closer to a maintenance range.

Your body can't handle, say, eating 1200 calories daily until the day you hit ideal weight and then zapping overnight to 2000 calories to maintain it. Instead, as you get closer to maintenance weight, you need to eat closer to maintenance level.

Here's a tip - try setting the Spark system as if you already are your ideal weight and want to maintain it. Set current weight and goal weight to 65kg and set the goal date a year out. You'll get a range calculated to maintain that weight. Try eating in that range - and if you're still over that weight you'll be undereating enough to lose weight down to that ideal weight!

BTW, your ticker says you're over 100kg. You need to check out this article to fix that:

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,755
6/21/12 1:41 P

Weight loss doesn't always happen in a consistently even pattern. So since you lost consistently up until a few weeks ago, it could just be that your body is adjusting to the changes you've made. I agree with the previous poster that eating less and working out more isn't always the answer, and sometimes can make weight loss more difficult. Does your calories burned goal reflect the amount of exercise you're doing? What is your recommended calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume?

Coach Jen

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
6/21/12 11:28 A

You may not be eating enough. If you were already eating under your ranges (and your activities and calorie burn were acurately input into your trackers) you should definitely not go lower. You definitely should not decrease your calories if you are increasing your exercise. You have to give your body sufficeint fuel to run itself or it starts to "panic" and hold on to food stores.

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6/21/12 11:09 A

hi guys,

Hope every one is fine here, juz wanna discuss a problem / thing with you guys. i am 5 feet 5 inch in height, was around 82 KGs 3 months ago. Just started my workout programme and started tracking my calories. The progress was good, i lost around 7 KGs in last 2.5 months with a fare amount of 1Hour exercise 5 days a week and tracking my calories (always low than i have to eat).
However, from last 15 days or so, it stuck. i have increased my working out time and also decreased my calories according to my current weight. But seems like i m not loosing any weight neither do i look that smarter as much i want :(

I m chasing 65 KGs as per my BMI index. Please help, am i do something wrong????

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