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XKWIZIT24 Posts: 64
3/14/12 9:55 P

Consult the Dr....which he/she will probably so low impact exercising. I have a bad sprain from basketball injury, however I just continue to wear a brace during exercise. Save your ankles so you can walk down the isle.

REBECCAS23 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/15/12 1:51 A

Swimming seems like a great idea for you to try to build up a little muscle strength, especially in your back before you progress to other exercises. Also, perhaps purposful stretching or some yoga might also be beneficial. Good luck, girl!

SARALEI Posts: 117
2/12/12 1:00 P

I agree with Mandieterrier1. I couldn't believe how much alterations were for my dress and that was just to take in everywhere from the weight I lost. The hem charge was crazy too! If only I could walk in 4 inch heels!!!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,527
1/19/12 11:01 A

If you start doing a lot of alterations to your dress to get it to fit. That will cost hundreds of dollars. It could possibly add up to the cost of a brand new dress. So I wouldn't go that route unless the dress was the only one I loved and couldn't imagine wearing any other.

EMILIEMAI Posts: 2,023
1/9/12 3:34 P

Well for a workout swimming is a great idea because it is low impact so try just swimming laps on your own or joining a water areobics class. As for your dress see if you can find a good seamstress to do some alterations I understand there is no room to let it out but see if the back can be changed from zip up to lace up. the lace up dresses give a little more and can be more forgiving plus it would add extra without being too noticable.

LIZ-LEMONADE SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/12 7:25 A

With bad ankles and a bad back, you should probably consult your doctor before starting an exercise program. That said, I know people who have had good results with aquasize or swimming. Easy on the joints, and great for lean muscle building.

LINDZERS88 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/12 12:32 A

Needless to say this was a horrible idea. There is no room to let the dress out and the much hated "back fat" is the least of my worries since I can't even get it zipped up. My husband to be claims that I haven't gained any weight in our time together, but I have noticed I got into a "comfort zone" with my bad eating habits and lack of strenuous exercise. My normal answer would be running which I enjoy, but cannot do often because of two bad ankles (surgeries from a skateboarding accident, and an unforgiving sprang from some a step I hopped off). Despite proper lifting at work my back is undoubtedly forever damaged from heavy lifting at work, so I struggle with crunches or sit ups. Outside of counting calories (which never holds up for more than the first meal), all I can think to do is proportioned meals and snacks. Ideas on herbal supplements or "easy on the body exercises" would be greatly appreciated. Or any other advice. I feel stuck in this...

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