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7/10/12 12:28 P

When I got married 10 months ago, I was in the middle of losing 125 lbs. I knew I was still going to be planning on losing weight until about the week before the wedding, but at a slower 1-2 lbs a week rate. I was brutally honest with my seamstress and she was amazing with things. If you are up front with the person altering your dress, are ready with all the undergarments you will be wearing the day of and are willing to be flexible with their timeline, it can so be done. My dress was a 14 when I bought it. I lost about 25 lbs between when I bought it and the day of the wedding. I think she altered it down to a 6/8 and it fit beautifully. It was stressful to be sure, but totally doable! Keep at it!

KYRSTINRO Posts: 945
5/23/12 10:13 A

Dresses can be altered but generally it does cost a bit. So talk to a seamstress to know what to expect.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
5/21/12 1:29 P

Don't worry about it. As SCTK said, a dress can be made smaller but not bigger. And besides that formal wear sizes are weird. You may find that you did drop a size in your every day clothes but not much in your wedding gown. (not to pooh pooh your progress) Just formal wear sizes are weird and it is not on you.

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5/19/12 10:23 A

You should always buy the dress the size you are when you try it on, not the size you hope you're going to be. You guess you'll probably drop another size or two, but wedding planning is stressful and what if you don't or if you lose weight in your hips, but not in your chest. Alterations can easily be made to make the dress smaller in whatever area is needed, again chest vs. hips, but it's far more difficult to take a dress out. Don't worry because a dress CAN be made smaller, but can NOT be made bigger.

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5/19/12 1:06 A

I bought my dress and right now it is the right size but they told me it shouldn't be any problem at all to alter the dress. It may be a little inconvenient but I would not worry about it. Good luck.

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5/18/12 11:47 P

So I went looking for dresses and the lady at the store convinced me that if I didn't buy dress now it would be too late in a few weeks so I went a head an bought it. Then she convinced me to buy the size I was wearing when I tried on the dress. However I have already about dropped one dress size and I am guessing I'll probably drop at least one or two more before the wedding (22 weeks away). Should I be worried or should I just let it go and have faith that it can be altered to my size even if I am quite a bit smaller?

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