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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
4/4/13 6:32 A

Hang on to this rope - it is called gentle kindness for yourself on this journey. If you are feeling like you cannot do it any more, maybe you have NOT made your plan fit YOUR world, THIS does NOT have to be HARD - MISERABLE - or NEGATIVE. When you make small changes that fit into your life, it is both doable and POSITIVE. Look at your plan - Are you feeling deprived - NO FOODS are forbidden - treat yourself, have that favorite snack, eat a couple of slices of pizza? Are you overdoing the workouts - 30 minutes is reasonable and more is fine IF YOU ARE HAVING FUN AND IT FITS YOUR LIFE, otherwise cut back? Are you stressed out and worried about a family member - plan a way to make regular meals, regular exercise, regular sleep and regular relaxation/fun part of your life. If you have kids and/or other significant others in your life - plan to do things WITH them not away from them. Think of ways to make this PERSONAL, WORKABLE, and FUN.

SLIMMINGSHAY SparkPoints: (72,525)
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Posts: 2,165
4/3/13 10:54 P

I too feel like i"m slipping... ugh!

TRACEYBROWN001 Posts: 56
4/3/13 9:11 P

So I just got a call a whike ago my mom has breast cancer. So along with everything else going
On in my life now this. I just want a big cake and cookies donuts etc

GRAPLEIRIS SparkPoints: (12,268)
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Posts: 183
4/3/13 9:02 P

I am so with you! My last blog was about being terrified of backsliding because I just don't FEEL it anymore.

That being said: What I'm trying right now is a combination of a few things:

1) fake it until you make it; I'm trying to put the cruise control on and just rely on the habits and routines I created when I WAS motivated.

2) I'm looking for things to put a new shine on things: like a new pair of walking shoes and a new bike. I'm also enrolled in a fun belly dance class and I have committed to dancing in 4 numbers in June, including a solo. It's hard to slump on eating well when you're being sunshiny on being healthy.

3) I'm cruising the motivational posts looking for something to jazz me up. Along the way I find other people having the same issues: damned if I want to HELP. So then I write the BEST advice I can. Stop. re-read...and try to follow it!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
4/3/13 8:08 P

You are quite welcome - the real trick is to find ways that make it more likely that you will make healthy choices. Tricks are COOL because they allow you to almost literally have your cake and eat it too - without going off track.

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
4/3/13 8:03 P

Thanks Nancy Pat...Great idea....

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
4/3/13 6:56 P

If the food smells are "killing you" maybe you might want to make a plan to treat yourself to something you really enjoy and plan for it in advance, anticipate it, and savor every bite when you finally decide to have it. That way instead of allowing the smells to KILL you, you can ENJOY them KNOWING you will be having something special - the smells could turn into a reward in itself.

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
4/3/13 6:18 P

On vacation right now...and the food smells are killing me!!!!!!!!

4/2/13 3:52 P

i need all the support i can get

TRACEYBROWN001 Posts: 56
4/2/13 2:45 P

I'm with you

TRACEYBROWN001 Posts: 56
4/2/13 2:44 P

I'm with you

ANJADEXTER SparkPoints: (4,147)
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Posts: 11
4/2/13 2:33 P

I am still struggling with the easter chocolates leftover and ate most of them today, I did however go for a long walk and went food shopping, all healthy low fat food so I'm ready to go, my food and excercises are planned so let's go... who's with me in this week's challenge? emoticon

SARAHMO4 Posts: 336
4/1/13 10:06 P

The eating and gaining could be motivation. It is for me sometimes and figuring out what I needed in my diet and how to find it helped. I knew what I liked and needed yet deprived myself or overindulged on something that wasnt for me. I may like an exercise, food or dish, if I am dragging myself to it no matter how much or its not great, it doesnt work normally. Find what works for you and if it is motivation, may be you need someone to support you or just go through the process with. Sparks good for that, having someone to actually talk to or meet with can be great.

4/1/13 9:56 P

Try journaling. If you can figure out why you are not wanting to stay on the plan you've mapped out for yourself, then you can discover what you need to change. Sometimes, when the rest of life is too busy and overwhelming, I don't have mental room to track. Then the weight comes back on. When I'm in a good mental state, it's much easier to stick to plan. When I exercise, I also find it easier to stick to plan.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
4/1/13 9:47 P

Don't give up - keep trying to find the ONE thing that will help keep you on track. YOU CAN DO IT.

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
4/1/13 9:45 P

WE can do it!!!

ANJADEXTER SparkPoints: (4,147)
Fitness Minutes: (3,183)
Posts: 11
4/1/13 2:05 A

I know the feeling too well, but hey, today's a new month so why don't we both start afesh and try to leave the last few weeks behing us, I ve been indulging in a huge roast and gigantic belgian chocolate easter eggs but will try and get moving and stick to a healthy eating plan this week, so how it goed. are you with me? could use the motivation!

TRACEYBROWN001 Posts: 56
4/1/13 1:22 A

I feel the same way. I can't seem to stop eating and am gaining. I am never satisfied. I keep telling myself come on you can do it but I never do. Now I'm in a vicious circle I'm depressed so I eat then I'm depressed because I ate that. I just need to find my way but don't know how.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
3/31/13 4:51 P

Just came thru a difficult road block..hard to get back

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
3/31/13 2:40 P

I would say forget about what's not gone right since the holidays, pick a day and start over

THOMS1 Posts: 13,288
3/31/13 1:45 P

I feel your pain. I have been on my journey for the last 4 years with much success. (lost 175) but every year we go away for a month and although I join a gym I always seem to gain some weight. This year has been hard to get totally back on track and have gained about 10 lbs. I am back on track now and start again at my gym tomorrow morning. I wish you success and hope you find the motivation to stay on track.

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HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
3/31/13 1:31 P

My new Zumba class really motivated me!!!!

VTRICIA Posts: 2,484
3/31/13 1:15 P

What was your motivation when you began?

JBARBER16 SparkPoints: (2,174)
Fitness Minutes: (1,887)
Posts: 42
3/31/13 12:57 P

Staying motivated is a HUGE issure for me!!!! Just when I think I've got it this time something happens to jolt me and next thing I know I'm WAY off TRACK!!! emoticon

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
3/31/13 12:12 P

Really good ideas, Nancy Pat...Deprivation never did me any good, either!!! I am trying to include more treats, desserts, in my plan..and just eat smaller amounts of it.....Have a great Easter...Enjoy your time off!!!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
3/30/13 10:11 P

All of the ideas have been great ones. I am a chronic loser/gainer and each time I got back on track, I had to start something NEW and different to get re-motivated. The old (GOOD) habits worked once I got started but not until I was making some progress already. The thing I have learned is the importance of making a PLAN and making it FIT INTO YOUR LIFE. It needs to take into account your preferences (when you deprive yourself or try to give up things you love - it is often hard to stay focused and not resentful), your circumstances, the people in your life, the schedules, jobs, demands, etc. Cookie cutter plans don't work so well in the long run because each of us is unique. Picking one or two things to change and working on them until they become habits is a good idea. Pick things that you know you CAN and ARE REALLY GOING TO DO. Don't try to do everything at once. Take it slowly. You say you aren't satisfied with the same amount of food as before. One way to tackle that might be to ADD things to your plan instead of taking away foods - add a salad or soup about 20-30 minutes before your meal - you will feel fuller, eat less at the meal, and gain satisfaction of feeling satisfied. Add extra veggies. Add a little exercise. Add a few minutes before each meal to take some deep breaths and relax BEFORE you start eating. Adding feels good and allows you to "have your cake and eat it too" - plan treats, snacks, and special foods so they fit into your plan and you will find the motivation that has been slipping recently.

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
3/29/13 11:44 A

All great ideas!!! hope everyone has a super day!!!!

JENNGETTINGBUFF SparkPoints: (22,780)
Fitness Minutes: (13,719)
Posts: 670
3/28/13 8:54 P

So glad to hear that you're getting back on track. I SO agree with the PP about how there is always a "hump" to get over when you've been off for a while. If I've been eating too much junk, nutritious food just doesn't taste as good to me, and I keep craving more super-sweet or super-salty stuff. After about 3 or 4 days of eating cleaner, I really start enjoying the more fresh, subtle tastes of non-processed food. Those first few days can be hard, but after that, the thought of eating a greasy cheeseburger or tons of candy doesn't sound all that appealing anymore.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

CTHOMURE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,865)
Posts: 77
3/28/13 8:05 P

you are not alone. I have had weight gain too. I lost my motivation too, then all of a sudden, after taking a break for a while my motivation is coming back the last 2 days, I have started to go to the gym again, and started using spark people again. Let yourself have a little break, then jump back in with both feet! Keep in mind that I think most of us have these ups and downs. There are people out there who are making it work, and people who have made it to their goal, so we know that it can be done. Just don't give up.

THEONERM5 Posts: 92
3/28/13 7:47 P

If I can just stay on track for the rest of today it will make 3 good days for me now. I'm very happy about it. By the way. My blood sugar stays in the upper 80's to lower 90's all of the time. It's very stable.

MARBACA333 SparkPoints: (1,317)
Fitness Minutes: (1,769)
Posts: 8
3/28/13 6:22 P

I know how hard it is when you fall off the wagon. Take a few minuets and write down all the reasons why you are on this path. I want to lose weight because... and a second list, I want to eat these bad foods because... See which one outweighs the other. You should always end up with the same result, wanting to be healthy. You can do it!!!!

AIM0620 Posts: 45
3/28/13 6:04 P

when I feel myself starting back to old habits, I watch the inspiring video of arthur boorman (I think thats the correct spelling). He has come so far and overcome so much more than I need to and I feel that if he can do it why can't everyone else. Very emotional and usually gets me straight out the door to the gym....hope it helps

3/28/13 11:24 A

I find that when I start eating junk, I tend to want more and more food. If often takes me a day or two of eating the way I know I should to not want to eat the entire house. It can be hard to WANT to start those first days. I recommend some sort of non-food reward to help boost the motivation.

50SGRANNY SparkPoints: (17,477)
Fitness Minutes: (9,335)
Posts: 1,182
3/28/13 10:39 A

I have been struggling with this for a long time now. My problem was, I just didn't have any new motivation or inspiration. Sure, I knew I felt better when following a better nutrition and fitness plan, but that wasn't enough to inspire me. Frankly, I just got bored with the whole business, then ended up getting depressed at my lack of self-control.

Finally I found some motivation in my niece's upcoming wedding! I will be flying to CA in May to reunite with ALL of my family members - and none of my clothes fit anymore. Clearly, I HAVE to either lose some weight fast or buy new clothes. Since the clothes that don't fit anymore were already bought to replace all the *other* clothes that no longer fit, I refuse to replace my larger clothes with even larger than that clothes! Now I am truly working my butt off (literally, I hope!) in an attempt to lose a size by May.

Meanwhile, I will be working on finding my motivation for after the wedding...I'm so bad at this!

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
3/28/13 8:15 A

All great ideas here on this thread...I find that browsing the motivational quotes, blogs, videos,etc..REALLY helps...I even keep a notebook where I write my favorite quotes!! Buy yourself a small reward for sticking to a goal that day, too...For example, if you eat two healthy meals, go out and buy a nail polish or hand cream sample....( Not food!) When I treat myself to a Shape magazine, or Weight Watcher's magazine...I feel special....Remember, overeating is not a reward, it is a punishment for your beautiful body....Love yourself by not overeating!!!! You can do it!!!!!!! You are special!!!!!!! You are beautiful!!!!!! There is no one in this world like YOU!! Throw your shoulders back....and walk proudly!!!!! emoticon

NATHELESS Posts: 5,761
3/28/13 8:01 A

What kind of satisfaction are you seeking with food?

You might benefit by trying very hard to change your focus from wanting to lose weight to taking good care of your one-and-only body. Find non-food ways to comfort yourself when you are troubled. Stop yourself, just for a second, when you're reaching for something to eat, and ask yourself why you want it. If you're not hungry, walk away.

If you're being nice to yourself by feeding yourself good quality food and getting some regular exercise and focusing on the positive side of good self-care then it is much easier to stick with it...

Weight loss attempts that are all about deprivation and shame aren't that much fun, and are really easy to give up on.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
3/27/13 11:46 P

Sugar and starches always make you crave more. And that is why we regain, because we go back to eating junk food, including potatoes, rice, pasta, cake, pies, cookies, etc. Usually most women do it because the man in the house eats all of it and HE never gains anything. (I just read an article about this and I know my husband eats ALL the time and he never gains weight.)

Anyway, you might need to see your doctor and find out if you need Metformin, which helps with being Insulin Resistant. I'm reading Richard Bernstein MD's "The Diabetes Diet" and he says ALL obese people have Insulin Resistance and we can benefit from Metformin which makes cells less Insulin resistant. (When we have to much insulin in our blood, the body craves carbs. ) He has lectures on YouTube and he is very interesting. He's had Type 1 diabetes since he was 12 and he is 78 now.

Also, if you depression like I did, you might need medicine for it. I took Prozac for 14 yrs and it just helped me feel NORMAL and not like I was walking through mud.

SPLD1RTTN2 Posts: 144
3/27/13 10:57 P

First off you should give yourself credit you haven't gained all of your weight back that's awesome! Secondly I find when I hit a rough patch I have to be accountable by that I mean I enter every morsel of food I eat into the spark people tracker. It's very easy to say oh I'm not eating that much until you look at the food reports and see the caloric and fat intake for each day that's always an eye opener for me. You shouldn't be hungry all the time. Have you tried eating 6 small meals per day versus the traditional 3? I tend to eat more protein veggies and fruit and avoid bread and pasta. Watch out for soda it can make your cravings worse stick to water. Please let me know if I can help. I'm not an expert by any means just a fellow sparker who is battling her own food demons. You're on the right track hang in there.

THEONERM5 Posts: 92
3/27/13 10:49 P

I got down to 219 pounds. Down from 252 where I started. Then Thanksgiving and Christmas came... My weight shot up to 230 after January. Now 240. And I keep trying to get back on track but I can't seem to stick with it anymore. I just want to eat more and more it seems. No amount of food gives me the same level of satisfaction as before. I'm not sure why. It makes me want to eat more and more.

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