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10/15/11 10:22 P

starting with small changes will help build your motivation. With small changes come small success that builds upon itself and eventually leads to greater success. Don't let this get you down. We did not learn to walk in 1 day so give yourself time.

SPARKARINO Posts: 16,683
10/15/11 10:44 A

I know what you mean, it can be cumbersome but so is carrying around extra poundage. Don't overwhelm yourself, concentrate on one small change at a time to get you moving down that healthier path. It takes time to develop new habits, so take it in small steps as you move toward your goals. Best of luck on your weight loss journey!

...Make just a ripple, come on be brave
This time a ripple, next time a wave
Sometimes you have to start small
Climbing the tiniest wall
Maybe you're going to fall
But it's better than not starting at all...

Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (Everybody says don't)

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10/15/11 9:10 A

It's cumbersome. I can't keep up with my eating. It's pathetic.

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