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3/21/12 2:15 P

Maybe you are gaining muscle.

3/21/12 1:59 P

I agree with the PP - you can't expect to lose much fat if you're not addressing your nutrition as seriously as you address your fitness. I really don't mean to sound harsh or critical, but too many people on this site and in general over-emphasize the need for exercise and under-estimate the need for control on their nutrition.

You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Nutrition will trump your workout Every. Single. Time.

Likewise, exercise is not a band-aid for a train-wreck diet. You can't "fix" overeating with doing more exercise. You do that and you end up with burn out, illness, and injuries.

If you want to lose more fat, address your nutrition first. Then worry about your workouts. The workouts are doing your body some good, but from a fat loss standpoint you're just running in circles until your nutrition has been handled.

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3/19/12 3:00 P


It's true. When it comes to weight loss, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. In short, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise. because what happens when you can't exercise because of an injury ? That's why what we eat is vital to keeping the weight off.

However, that doesn't mean that exercise doesn't play an important part in your long term health. Your heart is a muscle. You have to keep your heart fit if you want to be healthy and that means some regular exercise. Also, you need to do some strength training to add lean muscle. Muscle burns fat and the more lean muscle you carry, the more efficient your body will be at burning fat.

I blame things like the Biggest Loser that have people convinced that long hours of exercise will help a person lose weight quickly. Well, that's true. IF a person can workout for 4-6 HOURS a day, they could lose weight a lot faster. However, that's not something the average person can do. We have lives. We have school. We have work. We have family.

All of these things take time. That's why weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time. Don't assume something must be wrong because the scale isn't moving as fast as you'd like it. You didn't gain the weight overnight. it's not coming off overnight.

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3/19/12 2:03 P

Weight loss is a factor of both calories in and calories out. You've been working on the second half of the equation and that's great, but neglecting the first half isn't a good plan in the long run.

Something to think about, though, is that muscle is more dense than fat. You may not have been seeing any movement on the scale because you've been building up muscle mass. As you noticed that your clothes are fitting better, it is very likely that you've been adding muscle. More good news is that muscle uses more calories at rest than fat does.

Don't give up on the exercise completely! You still need the second half of the equation. Still, a couple of rest days a week is a very good idea so that your muscles can recover and build themselves stronger.

You're not doing badly at all! It takes a while to make the changes necessary for a healthy lifestyle and you're making those changes.


3/19/12 1:47 P

So since joining SP one month ago I have been working out like crazy, but not staying within the calorie range as I snack way too much. I thought that if I worked out a lot (and racked up fitness points!) I would lose weight since I didn't really workout too much before.
WRONG. In fact I gained not only weight but aching knees, feet, and back. Seems like weighing myself DAILY is the only element that keeps me on track. What good are fitness points if I am not losing weight? The only positive is that my clothes fit a tiny, almost immeasurable, bit better. Oh, and supposedly I am reaping cardiac benefits. So now I will actually attempt to stay within calorie range, not kill myself working out, and observe what goes.

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