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6/27/12 3:53 P

Hi I have just started my journey and I am on my way to healthy living...would enjoy the motivation and stopping by to read and comment on my blogs.

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6/27/12 10:59 A

Hello and Welcome to Sparks!

If there is any way I can help you along your journey, just let me know!

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6/27/12 10:52 A

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Hi ~ Welcome to SparkPeople. I find that interacting with other Sparks is really the best way to stay motivated and on-track. Taking advantage of the educational aspects of SP is also key to weight loss goal success. Come back to the message boards and read blogs to find people that you feel like you would like to "friend" These folks will help you attain your goals.

Know that through using SparkPeople to it's fullest potential will help you more successfully attain your goals. Come up with a BIG reward (like mine is a cruise) to help you stay focused and successful in maintaining your new healthy lifestyle. And look at this as a change in your lifestyle, not just another diet.

For any questions on SparkPeople that you have if you can't find them on the site yourself or through using the HELP section, e-mail They will answer your questions and help you out.
Best of luck emoticon
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6/27/12 10:26 A

You've come to ther right place!

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6/27/12 12:11 A

Me too!

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6/27/12 12:05 A

Welcome!!! Let us know if you need guidance, friends, teams, everything!

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6/26/12 9:48 P


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6/26/12 9:14 P

I have just discovered spark and have been browsing the website for a few hours! It has so much to offer! I am so excited to start this journey! I have been working out and have lost about 6lbs. over this last week. I went for a 2 mile walk today and feel great! I am 33 and have only been overweight for about 6 years. I am ready to take my life back and get healthy again!! emoticon

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