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Remember that the quality of the food you eat is just as important as the quantity; you can easily undo your hard work during the week by eating badly on the weekend! Eating all that junk can sabotage your efforts. Your muscles need lean protein and carbs to function... remember that you can't out-exercise a bad diet! If you know what and how to eat, it's time to apply it... ALL the time. NOt a diet, but a healthy lifestyle; "cheat days" can be very counterproductive to your efforts, and are likely the cause of that belly that bugs you so much.

If you're overweight (and at your weight and height, you're technically not... you're just on the high side of normal!) then your diet is going to be the key to getting rid of that tummy... not how many situps or crunches you do. You can't spot reduce parts of your body you don't like!

Strength training is key... you may not like free weights, but they're actually far more effective and versatile than the machines! The machines are good for the one position they hold you in... it's tough to advance more than that with them.

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Hi, Bob !

Well, if you want to increase lean muscle, you're going to have to start adding some strength training to your routine. Cardiovascular exercise is extremely important, but if you want to see some definition, you've got to hit the weights, do body weight exercises or use resistance bands. If you're not sure where to start, I'm going to recommend two books for you to find at either the library or your local bookstore.

The New Rules of Lifting OR Bill Phillips Body for Life.

Both are good beginner strength training books that will teach you the basics of strength training. You can also check out the Spark fitness section. Coach Nicole has some short 10-15 minute strength workouts you can try too.

If you've never used resistance bands, I highly recommend them. Join member SERGEANTMAJORs resistance band team. He's got a bunch of beginner to advanced workouts posted.

If you add some strength training to your cardiovascular workouts, you will see improvement with time. Also, there really isn't a difference as far as calorie burn between the treadmill and the elliptical. The difference for some people is that the elliptical is less stress on their knees and hip joints. You can do anything you'd like for cardiovascular exercise. you can take a daily walk, hike, take dance lessons, ride a bike, etc... it's all good.

So, check out the Sarge's team. I'm a member. He's got a lot of good info posted.

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Ok. So i weigh about 140 lbs, 5'6, male, and 18 years old. I feel like im overweight cause my belly sticks out a little soi wanna trim my figure a bit for both physical and health reasons. I typically use the eliptical as it uses more muscles to function compared to the treadmill which burns more fat in my opinion. As far as my eating habits go..well...i eat junk A LOT in the weekend but i eat relatively healthy during the week days. I know exactly how and what to eat but im more curious about which types of weight training i should look into. As of right now, i use most of the abdominal and and bicep machines. I hate free weights but any advice is appreciated!

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