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RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
4/11/13 10:34 A

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP... emoticon

JMULDREW1 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/24/12 2:38 P

Most of the vegetarian recipes that I have ever looked at on any web site has very expensive ingredients in them does anyone out there have simple good healthy vegetarian recipes with ingredients that I can buy in sainburys that are easy to find on the shelves. I am a busy mum of 5 havent time to go through recipes books so would appreciate any tasty recipes for main meals mostly or lunch time meals. Please send them to my email address many thanks Joan

LOSINGGMA53 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/24/12 2:30 P

I am also new to spak people and dont know how to use this and i would like some help and advice from anyone. I work a 2nd shift and need help with planning meals and workouts and getting enough sleep there never seems to be hours in the day. thank you

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JMULDREW1 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/24/12 3:15 A

Thanks very much where is the tracker I am new to this site and havent got a clue how to use it yet. there is so much on it and dont know how it all works. Thanks for you help. keep in touch with advice etc. Joan

JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
4/23/12 7:43 P

Set up food groups in the tracker. If you eat a certain meal often, it makes it much easier to track. Add all the foods in the meal to a group, then you just need to track the group.


FIT-HEALTHY1 Posts: 551
4/20/12 2:35 P

Yes, tracking what you eat is very important as I was quite surprised to see how many calories I was consuming. Drink plenty of water also.

JMULDREW1 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/20/12 2:28 A

Thanks very much I will look over the site over the weekend and see if I can work it out how to use the tracker and get started then, Thanks for your help please keep in touch as I post questions over the next weeks. Thanks Joan

DEBBY4576 Posts: 7,216
4/19/12 6:46 P

I agree. Record every morsel. It takes a while to "get" how the tracker works. I never eat what they have down, so I end up looking each food up. Eventually I learned to put a lot of my regular foods into favorites. Just struggle through, and you'll pick it up fast. I really like entering every thing. It's shocking what calories are in certain foods. You can see what a food is before you eat it too.

AZGYPSY2 SparkPoints: (1,064)
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4/19/12 2:15 P

go under ' my trackers" My Nutrition. that is definately the best place to start. Just look up the food you eat and check the portion size. sometimes you can't get the exact food but I look up the nutrition value and see if it is close.. or similar to the nutrition information on the package of what I just ate. try to stay within the calorie recommendation. if you can get a little exercise in like walking or other activity the weight will start to come off. WELCOME AND GOOD LUCK! emoticon

JMULDREW1 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/19/12 8:54 A

Thank you how do I track my food???????????? Joan

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,404
4/19/12 8:22 A

Start by tracking your food.

It can be very revealing to see what you actually consume every day. Then make changes to improve.


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4/19/12 7:55 A

Hi Im J and I am just starting on sparkle people and would love to hear from anyone who could help me get started in losing some weight im 5 foot 4 inches in height I am 10 stone 7llb and want to get back down to 9 stone. Im on a budget with my food money as I have 6 people to feed in my home so would love some advice please Im finding it very hard to start because I dont know want to buy and want not to buy in food. Can anyone help, Thanks J

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