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I finally received my copy of Dr. Bernstein's book. Now that I've read the first few chapters, I say run don't walk to order this book. I don't know how widely distributed this book is in libraries but it wouldn't hurt you to check there if you can't afford to purchase a copy.

Dr. Bernstein was an engineer developing all sorts of complications due to Type 1. He was diagnosed at the age of 12. When portable glucometers first became available, they could only be purchased by doctors and hospitals. His wife was able to purchase one so he managed to get one for home use. He experimented with food and insulin dosages and thus became convinced that home blood testing was essential and that the high carbohydrate diet of non-diabetics was very destructive to diabetics. He tried to get his paper published in medical journals but was ignored. He entered medical school at the age of 45, all because he wanted credentials so that he could keep diabetics from becoming blind amputees dead of kidney failure before their 30th birthdays. Somewhere along the way, he campaigned hard to get blood glucose testing in patient's hands. Doctors did not want patients to be able to test their own blood; after all, it had never been done that way before. As you know, blood glucose testing by patients is now routine. This story shows how reluctant the medical establishment is to change even when the available facts show that what has been done before may not be the best thing.

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Hi Brenda, Welcome to the board ! I say the same to you as I do to others and that is start tracking your goals with "my spark" You will really notice a difference in your life by the consistent small actions that you set up to do. I'm so glad that you have found this site as you will find a lot of supportive people here for you ! Take time for yourself in real nourishing ways ie: a nice warm bath or shower with candles and soft music or find someone to give you a massage (kids often love to give massages) use lavender oil or yling/ylang oil (essential oil) for a truly relaxing experience. Keep us posted

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im here to let you know you have my prayers daily. i will comit to pray for you every day. You have to believe that jesus is hearing your plea.
more info on a fungus that causes your problem ( Doug Kaufman ) He has a program on family net ( TV program ) 2xs daily os try internet I will try to get you all info . It works I have seen people get totally off medication. there is hope!
because there is a God !

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Please go to Also, please order Dr. Bernstein's book (there are excerpts from the book on the web site). Another good book for you to read is The Schwarzbein Principle. There is also a Schwarzbein Principle II but it depends on you having read the first book already. Do this for your children.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has finally come out to say that a low carb/high monounsaturated fat diet is just as good as the high carb diet they have been prescribing. They now give you a choice to replace some of the carbohydrates you have been eating with monounsaturated fats. Add plenty of olives, olive oil, nuts, and avocadoes to your diet and get rid of flour, sugar, and white rice completely.

And now my opinion of the ADA saying the low carb/high fat = high carb/low fat: They are afraid to tell you that the high carb/low fat diet they already told you to do, which is now messing with your eyesight, was really bad advice. They are offering you the chance to select a better eating program but can't back down on their previous recommendations. Fighting diabetes with a high carb diet is like fighting fire with gasoline in my opinion. My son is a Type 1. We have seen great improvements in his blood glucose (BG) control by dropping carbs and adding fats. We still keep his protein at 15 to 20% of his total calories. His insulin requirements have gone from 58 total units per day (NPH + Humalog) to 34 total units per day and he has had no BG swings during the night and great morning numbers for almost 7 weeks. We've also seen some BG control improvement during the day and he is very happy with the improvement in his appetite control.

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I really am so needing people to support this new try for weight loss with your prayers & words of encouragement. Please help me I weigh 370 # , have severe diabetes, been diagnosed with retinophaty and am only 48 years old with 2 children I need to live for.Thank you so much,Brendalc

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