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6/6/12 12:48 P

woo hooo!!!

If I can do it you can too!
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6/6/12 10:04 A

That is a small step, but a big deal - congrats!


Getting healthy -- one pound at a time!
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6/6/12 6:38 A

Since the small changes that stick are what willl give us longterm success, I think that was a BIG win.

I work night shift, and our secretary suplies us with candy all night. I did take one little 10g Krackle bar, but that is it.


One cannot discover new lands without consenting to lose site of the shore....

Andre Gide
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6/5/12 3:19 P


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6/5/12 3:13 P

When I say "no" I use the same technique as FITBODME. I visualize and imagine. It almost always works. I am so proud of myself in the morning if I have resisted food the night before. I am instantly in a good mood! My reward: I get to eat an awesome breakfast!! Oh yeah!

Spark On!

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ELISELOVE1 Posts: 6,342
6/5/12 1:51 P


6/5/12 1:25 P

emoticon Every "no" is big to me! I have a roommate who is a tooth pick and has so much junk food in the cupboards. i try to have tunnel vision when it comes to opening those doors lol. I have a designated shelf for me alone so i can stare straight eye level. hehe
You did a awesome thing and every little no counts to the big picture. emoticon emoticon

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Willing is not enough; we must do.
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6/5/12 12:55 A

Fantastic! Congrats. All the little things ad up. Way to go!

Maggie from Auckland the City of Sails in New Zealand.

"Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, and move on." Henry Rollins.

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6/4/12 9:06 P

Way to go, SAXYSAI!
And in my book, it's a BIG DEAL and you DID IT!!!
So proud of you!

emoticon emoticon

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6/4/12 3:42 P

It may be small step, but the calories you saved are huge! I kept craving an alcoholic drink yesterday, especially toward the evening so I "could sleep better". I kept saying "no" and just imagined all of the carbs I wasn't going to drink and the weight I was going to lose. It worked and I slept fine. I was also craving a cigarette, but that's another story (I said no again)

Move more, eat less, move more, eat less....
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6/4/12 2:54 P

Super Fantastic!!! That is what it takes, small changes lead to big results. One decision at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time!


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
– Aristotle
ELISELOVE1 Posts: 6,342
6/4/12 2:25 P


TAMPATINK67 Posts: 3,800
6/4/12 12:24 P

Awesome - some times it's one day at a time, others it's one hour or moment at a time!

Tink - Charlotte NC
NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
6/4/12 11:51 A

Yeah, it is a small victory but that is exactly what the Spark approach is all about: small, achievable goals, small victories building up, one on the other, to create momentum. You keep making the healthy choices! Spark ON!

You’ll get where you want to go as long as you are taking more steps in the right direction than the wrong one.
SAXYSAI Posts: 664
6/4/12 11:48 A

I'm like most of y'all, struggled with my weight going up and down, and also struggling with eating just to eat.

About an hour ago I had picked up the can of Pringles from the cupboard, and then I told myself, "no, I'm not going to eat those." and ate a pear instead.

I know that is little, but it's a big deal to me--it's the first time in a while I've had the power to just say NO!

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