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5/2/03 9:51 A

Hi Hotbody:

Experiment with that calorie count. Try shifting the range down 100 calories at both the low and high ends and do that for a week. If that doesn't work try shaving off another 100 calories the following week. If that doesn't work, come back here and we'll talk.

HOTBODY Posts: 1
4/30/03 10:37 A

I know how you feel about being only 22 and not having your body look the way you want it too. I am about 5'1" and weigh around 114lbs. Which I carry in my waist, butt and upper thighs. I would like to lose about nine pounds in the best scenerio, but at least 4 lbs, I think would make me feel a lot better about myself and the way I look. I have the problem that I look okay in clothes, but in a bikini, is a totally different story. I have tried a lot of things to lose those last 5-10 pounds but I can never stick with anything. That is why I joined this network. I have been staying within the amount of calories they recommended and doing the exercises they suggested but it doesn't seem to be working. what else do I need to do? I am so frustrated is anyone else? hot body

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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/23/03 6:17 P

I think you would be dead at that weight Ola. Before you became dead, you would have been balding on top and growing fuzzy downy hair all over your skin that covered your bones but not much else.

OK so I'm probably exaggerating a bit. You'd probably have to go below 100 before your funeral was scheduled.

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4/23/03 2:17 P

I think if I EVER weighed 123, I would be the happiest girl alive! (or I would be dead...and decomposing!haha!).
I have a large frame, 5'9", and I weigh about 180. I want to lost like 30-40 pounds...
I don't think I look like someone that weighs almost 200 lbs! there is a link to some picture of my chubby self inthe 'send me your pictures' area....maybe you can tell me if I look as huge as I feel.....

It's strange. Somedays, I feel ok about myself, and others, I feel like a beached whale. Some of the pictures definatley look beached whale quality, but then you will see others, where I think I look ok.

Anywho, My dilemma. I can't stick to anythig. I can't figure out my ideal weight. I am finally starting to look at my goal as something that's going to happen, and not something that I want to happen. Hopefully, It'll come off, and I'll look like a regular 22 year old!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/21/03 1:11 P

Hey Mary:

What is annoying: You and I both know that we have to be skinny to not look like cows. When we are skinny, they all say "You are too skinny. You should put some meat on your bones." Putting meat on the bones is difficult but if we put fat on the bones, even just 5 pounds, all those people who told us we were too skinny then tell us that we'd better watch out or they will print GOODYEAR across our torsos. Although I didn't like gaining 20 pounds during pregnancy, I was actually thrilled to hear people make rude comments about me being a cow at 123 pounds because I had spent my life hearing people tell me to gain weight. I knew they were wrong regardless of how many times I was accused of being in danger of becoming anorexic. I felt vindicated and still do.

I bet you do as I do here too: Some normal weight average size woman looks pretty good and I will guess she weighs around 125 to 130 pounds. Then she will say: I need to lose 30 pounds since I'd like to weigh about 160. Shocking to me based on my personal experience with the scale. I am also shocked everytime some woman who is out of shape, unfit, and underexercised turns out to be stronger than I am. My first 6-months of serious weight training brought me up to the bottom rung of normal sedentary.

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MA6791 Posts: 41
4/19/03 8:23 P

Whoa! I'm glad they knew you could take their comments and laugh! Sometimes people are kinda rude. When I was working and was heavy, my boss used to ask me if I was sure I wasn't pregnant! I was in my 50s, had gray hair and definitely wasn't into the pregnancy thing, but she would ask me this fairly often. She said I must either be pregnant or have a tumor! Well thank God, I didn't have a tumor either! I guess she knew I could take it..I've always been the kind that could look at things objectively rather than emotionally for the most part and I did think it was funny actually. But it is amazing what people will say. :-)
I can't seem to carry much weight without it showing up as too much either. I remember when I was 22, a few months after my second child was born, and I still weighed 120 lbs. (I weighed 125 lbs when she was born and always maintained some weight while breastfeeding), a lady who had never seen me before warned me I was looking a little heavy and to not gain any more weight. Good thing she didn't see me later on. LOL My legs remain thin but the my torso doesn't...I have to stay really skinny below in order to not be too big above. I'm hoping because I am now exercising a lot that as I continue to lose I will look a little more balance. We'll see.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/16/03 3:26 P

Body Weight compared to height is real funny. Exercise Guru Joyce Vedral is 5' 1" and weighs 115 for contests; 123 for off-season. She looks great at both weights. I am 5' 3.5" and when I got up to 123 pounds by the fourth month of my pregnancy (the more double-cheese pizza I ate the less nauseated I felt), I heard rude comments from every side. The following are all true:

My Father: You are getting Fat!!!!!!!!!

Male Co-Worker: If you need a tent to wear, they are having a tent sale at the mall.

Female Co-Worker: Moo

Husband: (Laughing) I could never imagine you being so fat. It is amazing that you could look like that. It's a good thing you like to eat well and exercise since you are just not a person who can carry any extra weight.

Boss: Can you find some other type of wardrobe that looks better on you than that? You look so - - - frumpy. I guess it's just that this pregnancy has made you obese.

Female Friend: Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down.

Sister: I see you've gained a tremendous amount of weight. Don't worry. It will come back off.

In other words, it's not just my opinion that I must carry a low weight compared to most people my height. Another point: All of those people knew I would take the comments and laugh with them. The only comment that kind of bothered me was the one that came from my father.

Maybe I am part bird.

For those who don't know: Weight gained during the first 4 months is mostly fat.

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MA6791 Posts: 41
4/12/03 1:53 P

I can't say I have ever really been muscular, but I am trying. I have had a couple bone density tests and they were fine but since I have lost about an inch in height, I feel sure I have lost some bone although I also have always had a slight curvature of my spine which has gotten worse with age and sitting at the computer so much (perhaps) and that might possibly account for some of the height loss..not sure. Thanks for your comments.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/10/03 2:07 P

The ideal weight information always adds pounds with age, at least for women (don't know about men). My age has taken pounds away from me. I am 5'3 1/2" with a small frame. When young, my best muscular weight was 114 pounds and my best skinny-fat weight was 103 pounds. I am now at a muscular weight of 103 pounds and I believe that this light but muscular weight is an indication that I may have some bone loss. I brought up the idea of a bone scan at my last check-up but was told I was too young to worry about it. I wasn't in the mood to argue with my doc so I blew it off.

MA6791 Posts: 41
4/9/03 8:05 P

I am 5'3 1/2" tall and I think I am small to medium frame. My fingers overlap when circling my wrist, but I have also seen many people who are smaller frame than I. I am also older and am wondering if age plays a part as well. I did go to some websites but ended up with several different answers. I suppose it depends on the person and how you feel at the weight. Most of the websites say I am now within my IBW range which is good to hear but not all of them. They all seem to agree that my BMI is now normal however; at the high end but within the normal range. I now weight 141 but I think I need to lose about 10 more pounds. My main problem is that I carry most of my weight on my torso, especially around my middle and have slender legs. Guess I will ask my doctor next time I see him.

RACHELD Posts: 51
4/9/03 5:45 P

hmmm- how tall are you? what is your frame? all of these things come into play... what about muscle- are you muscular? i'm 5'4 with a medium to large frame for my height. so- my ideal body weight is between 140 and 145- i also know this from experience, when i USED to weigh that little. i can't remember the web site to determine your frame... i'm sure someone here can tell you. hope i've helped!

MA6791 Posts: 41
4/4/03 11:35 P

What is the best way to determine your ideal body weight?

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