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Welcome to SparkPeople.

I have been a member here off and on for a few years, and now have the time and determination to finally stick with the program.

Utilize all the wonderful things here on SP. The food and exercise tracker are key. Join a group, and post, post, post to the message boards. Other members here have great advice if you have any questions.

Hope you are successful on your journey!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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7/3/12 7:17 A

Welcome to SparkPeople!

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Okay, so my name is Hailee. And I'll be going into 8th grade. I've always been bigger boned. People have put me down. Including my own father and his girlfriend of 10 years. They seperated just about 2 years ago. And I have noticed that I need to do something about myself. I realized that the excuse 'well im just bigger boned then normal girls. or, no matter what i do nothin helps.' so, i was on youtube and i saw a video. And this link came up. The so I went and checked it out. I don't have a personal doctor at the moment so I can't go and get a diet thing from him. So instead Im just gonna have to do his on my own. I am 5'6 , i am 13, and i weight like 180. I WANT to lose about 30 pounds. I have a lot of muscle on me though. So atleast 25 pounds would be great. I need a friend to help me on this. -hailee

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