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5/24/11 11:01 A

I suggest one step at a time. If you are feeling overwelmed set a timer for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and just do it (whatever it is) then stop. You will be surprized at what you can accomplish in a small amount of time. I am here for you, as is lots of sparks members. Lean on us, we will keep you standing tall and moving forward.

CEEJAY0630 Posts: 642
5/2/11 9:12 P

The one thing that I can suggest is, by exercising, it will give you more energy to do those things. I was a serious couch potato, and didn't have the energy to do anything or for anyone, now that I have been exercising, I am doing more and finding that I have more energy. And remember you are worth it, to feel GREAT!!!

EXERTIGER Posts: 971
4/18/11 2:12 P

I agree with everyone else. You have to take care of yourself. This is the time for good choices. And the kids can come along. Get a jogger for the baby and let the 4 year old bike or ride a tricycle along while you walk. Get some videos and let the kids do aerobics with you (which is really funny to watch and makes it more fun for you). If you're lifting weights, give the kids something to lift, too. Stuffed animals, a healthy snack to eat after, socks, anything light. Time to get creative. One more thought, if you watch your diet now, the kids won't have to later. They'll eat what you eat and that's what they'll like as they grow up.

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4/17/11 1:04 P

great plans bring to easy goals. Go for it!

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4/17/11 1:01 P

First of all--recognize that you have lost 3 pounds & that is something to celebrate. Try to incorporate activity with kids---walk with them, take them to park...that way you spend quality time with them & reinforce activity for them. Plan ahead with meals--my favorite thing is to make a large pot of bean-chicken soup full of vegies & protein & freeze portions to grab & go for lunches. Breakfast can be easy too---I boil eggs so I can grab one for breakfast---a yogurt with tablespoon of granola--very easy. There are a lot of ideas on this site--- Just make time for yourself. Also consider making small goals & work on one at a time if you are overwhelmed... like work on drinking water first--that doesnt require any extra time.... make it a habit before making other changes...
There is so many ways to approach a healthy lifestyle can do this. emoticon

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4/16/11 10:17 A

emoticon to Sparking! emoticon
I agree that making "me time" is vital. I also remember what it is like to be busy with a household of kids and all their activities. I used to combine their activities with walking for me. I also used a lot of cook ahead & freeze meals.

To both give and receive support, I suggest joining and participating in at least one Spark TEAM. When you signed up, SP offered you a "Spark Class" which is a team for the newbies who signed up the week you did.

You might find this blog helpful.

This is helpful also: If I consume fewer calories than my plan recommends, will I lose weight faster?

Setting Goals


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4/15/11 9:41 A

I had the same problem until i realized if i DIDNT make time for me all the other things would suffer. Kids and fiancee need you to be healthy!!
ask fiancee to take the kids for you for half an hour.
Post here when you need some motivation. Sparkmail me if you need one on CAN do this!!!

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4/15/11 1:53 A

I'm new to this and I am finding myself making up excuses! I then feel bad about it everynight before I go to bed promising myself I will do it tomorrow and then the cycle starts in the morning.

I think one of my reasons for this is becuase I feel like I have too much on my plate right now. I have a four yr old and a 2 mo old who keep me constantly moving. I am also in school full time and I start a legal internship on Monday. I then have my fiance to make time for and I never get enough sleep it seems like.

How do I fit working out and sticking to this into my life without any of these important things taking a back seat?

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