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AMSHARK Posts: 744
8/20/12 11:36 A

Here are a few pressure cooker recipes from Cooking Light that I've tried:
Moroccan Summer Vegetable & Sausage Stew:
Beef Pot Roast & Gravy

New Mexican Pork Chili

Lemon-Basil Risotto with Tomato Topping

I especially recommend the risotto. Making risotto in the pressure cooker is easy & SO much faster than using the traditional method.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
7/31/12 11:30 P

Chana dal is one of my favorite pressure cooker recipes. It's yellow split peas in a spicy sauce. I usually use garam masala plus some onion and garlic, salt and cayenne.

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7/26/12 10:38 A

the instruction booklet that came with my pressure cooker had recipes in it, and there's a wealth of recipes that you can find online for pressure cookers. I just made a 4 lb. batch of baked beans using dry pinto beans in my slow cooker and they turned out wonderful! it only took 50 minutes! for dry beans, that's very little time. It's taken 3 days to get them soft enough to eat cooking them in a crock pot.

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1/1/12 9:18 A

Oops! I just posted pretty much the same topic. I'll be watching mine and this one for responses.

Maybe I will comb amazon for some books.

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12/31/11 1:09 P

I have a pressure cooker that I use often for meats, ribs, whole chickens, roasts etc. Soups and cassaroles. As far as recipes go it really depends on what you are making. If you can suggest some things that you make, I have two pressure cooker cook books that I can look up a recipe for you and share.

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12/12/11 6:33 P

I live at a higher altitude, so I use my pressure cooker a lot. It's not that I make a recipe in it, as much as cook certain ingredients that take a long time to cook in a higher altitude. I cook potatoes sliced about 1/2 inch thick for mashed potatoes. They are done in 7 minutes after the pressure is at the right setting. I also cook pinto beans in 20 minutes. I can cook a whole chicken in approximately 35 minutes. Brown rice in 13-15 minutes. I have made a kind of simple beef stroganoff in it. Light mushroom soup, water, beef cubes, seasonings. Pressure for whatever the beef cubes need then serve over noodles.

Hope that helps a little.
Jo Anna

TIAMET2 Posts: 211
12/12/11 12:03 P

Well, so far there haven't been any responses. Can you think of other boards to look on?

CTTAGENT Posts: 1,651
11/6/11 6:43 P

Hi Tia,

I am interested in this topic also. I used a pressure cooker for the first time today. I tried a chuck roast with rosemary, salt and pepper on it. Other than overcooking it a bit because of not knowing exactly how it worked, even after reading the instructions, I think it turned out good and I am not as leary to try another recipe, just finding them is the more difficult part.

MAKEBELEEVFREND SparkPoints: (3,310)
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10/8/11 4:46 P

I will be interested in the responses on this too. I just ordered an electric digital pressure cooker from QVC.

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TIAMET2 Posts: 211
10/2/11 9:14 P

I have recently figured out how to use my pressure cooker (without worrying that it will expode) and I'd like some interesting recipes. I've made chicken a bunch of ways (that all seem to taste similar).

I need some suggestions for using spices and sauces to make things taste more interesting.


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