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5/25/12 8:53 A

thanks all! what a relief!

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5/23/12 11:18 P

Are you using the nutrition tracker? You can look up shrimp and see if it fits your individual needs there, even if you aren't using it on a daily basis.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,056
5/23/12 11:09 P

3 ounces of shrimp equals about 200 calories, and about 38 carbs fried, breaded, or boiled.

Shrimp is low in fat and even though high in cholesterol you dont have to omit it from your diet.Shrimp may even lower triglycerides which is fat in the blood. They also have omega 3 fatty acids, B 12 viatmins and magnesium. Our bodies make up more cholesterol than food gives us. If you dont have a cholesterol problem dont worry, if you do eat in moderation.

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5/23/12 11:03 P

Shrimp unhealthy? Hardly! Any food is okay in moderation (and the idea of "bad" or "good" foods isn't helpful) but shrimp are low in calories, and pack a nice nutritional wallop. How you cook them won't change that much, unless you're cooking them in loads of butter or too much oil.

MINDBEND SparkPoints: (29,082)
Fitness Minutes: (54,328)
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5/23/12 10:44 P

I occasionally like to thaw about 5-8 shrimps and then sautee them in some garlic and dried onion. Then I add them to my salad for protein. Is that ok or is shrimp very high in cholesterol/fats?

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