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4/1/12 10:17 P

That fixed it, thank you.

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4/1/12 10:06 P

You should be able to change any of your goals at any time by clicking on the "change goal" links under your daily progress bars in your start page, on the left hand side.

4/1/12 9:40 P

Thank you.

How do I get rid of that goal completely, since that's what seems to be causing the problems?

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4/1/12 9:35 P

Almost certainly, yes. It sounds like you've set a goal that's far too aggressive; when you set a goal that's too fast, Sparkpeople will generally plop you in the lowest range.

I would suggest eating at the top of that range; that's an average goal of 2.42 lbs per week, which may be hard; losing 1-2 lbs a week is far safer and more sustainable. While people with more to lose can indeed sometimes lose weight that quickly, it's hard to set as a goal... this isn't the Biggest Loser.

Perhaps try moving to no more than 2 lbs per week, and see if that helps. 1210 is far too low for most anyone, especially someone at your weight!

4/1/12 8:29 P

I updated my spark tracker with my weight and an updated goal yesterday.

Today, I notice that it has reduced my calories per day by about 200 in the top range. Is 1210 - 1570 calories a day too few? It seems like it might be. My goal is to lose 17 lbs in 7 weeks. Could that be driving the calories down?

If it's safe I can do it but I don't want to be too restrictive this early.

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