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It's exactly one year since I began

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SparkPoints: (2,807)
Fitness Minutes: (1,665)
Posts: 56
8/23/12 10:13 P

Great post. I'm at the one year mark too and I hope that more people read what you have written. This truly is a personal journey. One in which you must make choices that work for you and you can stick with for life.
You look amazing. Keep up the great work.

SparkPoints: (2,661)
Fitness Minutes: (2,295)
Posts: 68
8/21/12 6:25 P

great job keep it up :)

SparkPoints: (101,567)
Fitness Minutes: (64,359)
Posts: 4,385
8/20/12 12:55 P

You inspire me. Way to go!

Posts: 6,270
8/20/12 12:28 P


SparkPoints: (29,089)
Fitness Minutes: (28,646)
Posts: 1,987
8/20/12 10:05 A

OMG, CRANKYBUTT (or shall I call you Skinny Butt??)!

That is simply amazing!! Big congrats to you on a job well done!
You should be so proud.
So happy for you!!


SparkPoints: (135,877)
Fitness Minutes: (68,844)
Posts: 33,112
8/20/12 6:29 A

Fantastic! Just keep on keeping on.

Posts: 2
8/20/12 4:58 A

Yes BreathlessLife I am indeed holding them up haha.

SparkPoints: (627)
Fitness Minutes: (320)
Posts: 2
8/19/12 7:47 P

Can't wait to see the final pic. you look fantastic keep up the great work!

Posts: 2,917
8/19/12 4:42 P

emoticon cranky butt on your achievement.

SparkPoints: (382)
Fitness Minutes: (823)
Posts: 11
8/19/12 2:58 P

You look absolutely fantastic :) Is that your hand holding up your pants I see? Cause I wouldn't be surprised. You might as well be a clothes hanger in those :)

Posts: 446
8/19/12 1:17 P

Nice job! Halfway to goal must feel SO good. Thanks for sharing.

Posts: 2
8/19/12 1:00 P

Had a few false starts but I'm half way to my goal now. I cant beleive what a difference making such OBVIOUS changes has made in my life. It really is all about the motivation - its such a personal thing, what works for you may not work for a single other person so dont be fooled!

This is my first ever forum post because usually I just read and quietly go about my business, but I wanted to share this picture (the link at the bottom). Last year, and this year, wearing the same clothes.

I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who posts encouragement on these forums. We may not be there to post back but some of us are taking what you say and (in some cases) literally running with it. THANK YOU!!

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