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JILL313 Posts: 11,678
7/6/11 12:39 A

Both knees need to be replaced and I will have them done, one at a time, when I turn 65 and will be on Medicare!


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7/5/11 10:11 P

Thank you Willowtreegirl,
I was looking at excerise bikes but didn't find anything that good of a price. I was hoping to get something for my mom to encourage her to start with the rest of my little family. :)

7/5/11 4:52 P

so glad that so many are saying "move it"! I am not ready for this joint pain (especially in my knees) to sideline me completely. I'm going to start adding an evening walk to my usual morning walk. More is better - I get it.

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7/4/11 9:40 P

I'm using a recumbent exercise bike and I love it !!

I have pain in my knees, but when I cycle i don't have any pain. Also, afterward, there's no pain. It's extremely quiet, so I can watch TV, read or even knit while on it.

It only cost me $240. It's a much better purchase than the treadmill ($1000) that just collects dust.

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A year from now, I'll wish I'd started today.

LILLIAN7859 Posts: 36
7/4/11 5:02 P

Does anyone use an exercise machine to loose weight with less pain? I am moving to a place where I'll finally have space and was looking at some. I was having fun walking but began to get general joint pain.

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6/24/11 8:12 A

Great advice. I suppose I knew that, but it must have been shoved to the back of my mind. I sometimes avoid too much because of the pain... time to get deliberate about it.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,587
6/24/11 8:08 A

Move it or lose it!
When my knee pain was worsening due to osteoarthritis, I started spinning classes twice a week. Now minimal pain for me!

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BONDGEE Posts: 2
6/24/11 7:33 A

Keep moving. I have that same thing. General joint pain all over. If you stop moving it gets worse! Use it or lose it.

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6/24/11 7:20 A

I am hoping I will experience some relief from joint pain by losing weight. I only have 24 pounds to lose, but I am interested to know if there may be a link between weight and joint pain.

I know it can affect knees etc, but my joint pain is more systemic. Neck, fingers, wrists, hips, feet, elbows... I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis and thankfully I don't have RA. While that was good news, my joints did not get the memo.

Any advice or encouragement?

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