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10/4/12 10:21 P

For me I lost my 60 pounds mostly by smoothies as my lunches oatmeal in mornings occassional snacks and.a healthy dinner ....I've never felt better than when I'm on the smoothies for me should be like the things you know you can aticl with.....if the juicing works for ya DO IT

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10/4/12 7:27 P

You need to know what you are needing first. Just juicing, blending or whatever is useless unless you know what you need. I love to juice stuff like carrots since too much pulp/fiber is just as bad or worse than not enough fiber. Also, if you are adding things like beets or other odd veggies, sometimes just that little bit of added juice is all you need.

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6/10/12 9:29 P

Juicing is fine as long as you know your calories, just make sure at the end of the day your at a calorie deficit.

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6/1/12 9:04 A

I tend to agree with this assessment.

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5/29/12 5:56 P

I guess it depends on the way you juice it, I usually consider the drinks that have the whole vegetable blended in better than the ones that just squeeze the juices out. That way you get all of the good stuff. My problem is that I do not like taking the time to do that stuff so I just settle for the V8 Fusion

Here is a thread with someone else who juices here, you might want to just send the original poster a message as that thread got hijack...

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5/29/12 1:46 P

How do you guys feel about juicing vegetables and fruits? Is this a safe way to lose weight or is it bogus? Also, does it matter if you blend your smoothies instead of juicing it?

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