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7/8/12 4:30 P

Yoga will not challenge your muscles and give them definition, especially in a few weeks.

Weight training is what you need.

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6/29/12 7:03 P

Yeah, I have started going to a "BodyPump" class that is with dumbbells and weights, but I don't put a lot of weight on my bar because I am super weak (I mean, I put enough on that I am straining). I was thinking about switching to yoga, I've heard that sometimes doing too much of one activity just leaves your muscle unchallenged so muscle definition won't happen... maybe yoga will re-challenge them? Plus, everyone who goes to that class always seems so happy and relaxed when they come out... not drenched in sweat like me after Bodypump :D

6/29/12 2:09 P

You're right, a month really isn't a lot of time, but since you're already at a healthy weight and already active, it may be enough time to get a little muscle definition :)

You seem to do a lot of cardio, why not try switching up your Monday and Wednesday classes for something with either weights or resistance? Maybe a pilates or kettlebell class? Starting out weight lifting on your own can be confusing and often women don't start with enough weight anyway. By taking a class, you will be more motivated, have some professional guidance, and it will probably be more fun.

Or, if that's not an option, and you don't like weights, what about body-weight resistance exercises? Things like lunges, squats, pushups, plank, etc will give you a good workout and you don't need weights. I go to a weekly calisthenics class and we don't use any weights and I get a great workout and I'm getting much stronger :D

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6/28/12 6:02 P

I'm at a good weight (although I wouldn't mind losing a couple of pounds in certain areas.. you know, butt and thighs) but I am a jiggly mess! I need to tone up! I know that a month doesn't offer a lot of time but I am a really active person (always hiking, never shy away from logging some good sweat sessions at the gym)... I just don't do weight and have been *trying* to start. Any suggestions on exercises I could do? Doesn't have to be weight training related... currently my fitness routine looks like this:

Monday-Wed.: 1 hour at gym in classes (BodyAttack and BodyPump)
Thursday-Fri: 1 hour at gym using either treadmill or elliptical, plus stair-master... I don't really count the time... I just don't leave till I hit 6-700 calories for the workout session. (Usually take me a little over an hour though.)
Sat & Sun: Sometimes I don't go but if I DO go... I just do a lazy swim in pool for about 15 min at a time, every half hour or so... for about 4 hours (I'm a sun-worshiper but I promise I am also a sunscreen fanatic.)

5'2- 117 lbs.
But like I said, it's not so much the weight loss as it is how un-toned I am.

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