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I'm also getting married on 30th June and although I don't have exactly your issue, I still have some worries. I ordered the dress late September and it has yet to arrive. I hope that it fits me when it gets here, it should do, but there are all those worries. What if it doesn't? What will I do? The fear is getting to me a little!

I'm trying to avoid it by being on here everyday and reading everyone's stories. That motivates me! Then I go on the tracker and plan food for the next day. So far so good. But only time will tell when the dress arrives! Ask me again in a month!

I love the sound of your dress! I think having the pictures of it on your phone is a brilliant idea. When you're reaching for the goodie bag, just pick up the phone and picture yourself in it! Do wedding planning in your downtime - I find that keeps me busy enough I forget about the snacking! Perhaps write the list of photographs that you want to have taken on the day or practice your makeup. 2 birds with one stone - you don't snack and you will look super gorgeous on the day!


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2/16/12 2:30 P

Hello everyone,

Just looking for a little support/motivation. I bought my dress almost a year and a half ago. A strapless mermaid and I love it! But I feel like I looked better in it back then.

Working really hard to just eat right and go to the gym. For the most part I do really well but I find when I have down time I still snack (and at work when people bring goodies).

I have pictures of my dress at work- and on my phone. I just want to look and more importantly, feel good in it. Right now its a little tighter than I want in some areas.

Is anyone else in the same boat?

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