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4/16/12 12:40 P

Congrats on your new LO!
I gave birth in Feb and I have been walking around the park almost ever since, especially now that the weather is so nice. I know that walking is not high impact, but it's better than sitting in the couch and watching TV! :-) I also do some DVD workouts at home.
If I were you, I would start with some light exercise and take it from there. Of course, check with your doctor first. Taking care of a newborn is a lot of work, so take it easy and don't put so much pressure on your self. Just focus on being healthy for your LO

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4/16/12 6:43 A

I'm guessing she took a bit of a break to, oh, idk, give birth. Labor and delivery can be physically traumatic for some women, and even if you continued exercise throughout pregnancy, it's normal to have to wait for the doctor to clear you for exercise, usually at the 6 week PP visit. My L&D were very easy (I gave birth feb 20, and I was extremely lucky to have things go as well wether did), and I still didn't feel like working our for three weeks after. My PP visit was at 4 weeks, and that's when I was cleared.

OP, just take it easy. Take a walk with your little one. If you feel like you're pushing yourself too hard, you probably are, so slow down. Before birth,I was walking 2+ hours/day. Afterward, I was tired out after 30 minutes. It came back soon enough. You'll be fine. And congrats on you little one!

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4/14/12 8:42 P

In your original post, "how do I get my workout STARTED again?"

That implies that you are currently inactive, and I simply phrased my answer based on the wording in your original post as cited above.

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4/14/12 6:31 P

Wow... ZORBS13... "since you obviously have not be active". Please do not respond to any more of my requests for advice. You have very poor wording to a woman who just gave birth. Especially on a site built for support.

1st though, Light excercise in small amounts has been approved by my doctor.
2nd, I like how you have assumed I have not been active at all. "obviously"

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4/14/12 6:17 P

I usually recommend that people get their healthy lifestyle habits in place before getting pregnant, because it is an uphill battle after birth.

Since you obviously have not be active, you do need to wait until you are cleared to exercise (women who have been active throughout pregnancy generally do not wait the 6 weeks) and you exercise whenever you can make the time. When my son was a newborn, I got exercised before everyone else woke up. I did that before/during pregnancy as well, the only difference is that now I have to be home by the time my husband goes to work/son wakes up.

Like I said, it's no different than pre-preg, except that making time is even more challenging.

4/14/12 1:28 P

April 8th, I delivered my daughter. It's so amazing being a mom. I know that pregnancy does a lot to the body, and it takes time to get it to pre-pregnancy (or close) weight. I just don't know where to start.

I know that I have to take it easy for at least the first 6 weeks. I plan on just walking on my treadmill for a few minutes at a time at a slow pace. I don't think I'd be able to handle more than that at this point anyway.

Does anyone have any advice for getting my workout started again? I was thinking, once she's big enough, we'll do some early morning park walks. That's not going to be enough though.

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