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It's always good to explore new avenues and resources--the more we educate ourselves, the more chance we have of finding something that "clicks" with us. Weight loss and maintenance of that loss isn't the same for everyone--a lot of the basics are--but it's the fine details that are unique to each one of us, and it's important to experiment a little to find what works best for you!
Welcome to a very supportive and informative community! I hope you can find what you need here!


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Peggy (Colorado)

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I have been using another site and I am getting tired of the "starvation mode" arguments. My current goal here shows as 17 lbs, which is actually the last 17 of 55 total. I have lost 38 since the beginning of the year. I am mid 50s and was getting a little sedentary. I have started running again, mostly 5ks in the half hour range. Last night I did a 7 mile run with a few walking intervals interspersed. I am not following a specific plan. I often skip breakfast or just have a piece of fruit, usually have a salad with a protein (commonly fish or chicken) at lunch and reasonable portions of a fairly normal dinner. On days I track it, my calories rarely go much over 1200. Yeah, I know that isn't a long term healthy way to eat but it is better than what I was doing to gain the weight and I would rather be fixing my diet at the bottom to maintain than trying to fix it at the top to slowly lose. I tried that several times and it just didn't work for me. Anyway, I am tired of arguing with folks about "starvation mode" at another site where I have been active. I am hoping to get some good advice and feedback on establishing new habits as Ireach my goal.

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