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4/17/12 8:18 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4/11/12 3:25 P

You can do this !!!!

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4/9/12 1:30 P

And high triglycerides can be a risk factor in diabetes and thyroid problems as well as kidney disease. They can also contribute to health problems caused by high cholesterol.
If yours are too high you need to know this.

1. Eat the right diet to lower triglycerides. Foods that are lower in fat, fresh and good for your health. More fresh fruit and vegetables. Less high fat foods, less sugar. Cook with Olive oil or Canola oil.

2. Exercise more. Exercise helps a lot, and is good for you in so many other ways.

3. Try to reduce your weight if it’s excessive.

4 . Increase your intake of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats. For example instead of eating steak tonight, eat an oily fish full of good Omega 3 fats.

5. Drink green tea.

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4/8/12 3:03 P

Sunday April 8, 2012
I am starting again for the nth time. SW 152.00 weigh in each sunday
My goal is to eat high nutrition/low calorie foods and do three 15 meditations each day.
To help me I will post my successes and how I can improve each day.

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3/8/12 10:47 A

stress = less awareness, stressors
define problem clearly
have a clear plan
be flexible
know your priorities
be responsible and accountable
when all else fails - find humor and laugh
love - the only solution

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2/26/12 1:45 P

Now I see why I haven't reached my goal. I do not have a clear plan and I keep quitting. emoticon
I started my nth attempt 2/21/12 - I am on day 5 and I now eat with awareness and stop when I am full.
I eat for emotional reasons so now I am working on my emotions. Certain thoughts make me sad. Due to health reasons I am not able to do much. This morning was a beautiful day. My first thought was I will not be able to do much (feeling sorry for myself) and mentioned this to DH. Next thing I new a tear was starting to come out.
DH keeps telling me not to think of what I can't do but focus on enjoying what I can do.
I caught myself and started thinking of the things I enjoyed doing. I might only get to do them 10 or 12 minutes but that is 10 or 12 minutes of joy.
I may not get to do anything very long but I can look forward to doing things for a short time and then read or play computer. Today is going to be a wonderful day -- the choice is mine.

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10/27/11 2:20 P

Goal: 1200-1300 range and lose 20 lbs.
10/16 to 10/26 yes
Streak: 11 days emoticon
To date have lost 2 lbs and have 18 lbs to go.
Staying focused emoticon

When I "think" I want something, I ask myself which do I want more? The treat or to fit in the emoticon
The emoticon always wins and I go do something else. Each time I do this, I am reinforcing this habit.

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10/25/11 9:01 P

The only way to succeed at anything is to keep trying. We only fail when we give up.
Learning to listen to your body rather than to impulse eating thoughts is like learning anything else. It takes time, work, patience and determination. I found I had to change my beliefs and lifestyle. I have to keep figuring out what works for me.

I am on day 10 of my present attempt and I will eventually succeed because each time I have failed I have learned something. Loosing weight for some of us is a journey of a thousand steps.

Some suggestions to start with:
1. Learn the physical differences between true hunger and emotional hunger.
2. Say daily affirmations that empower you. You will feel a difference if you say to yourself "I can't" or you say to yourself "I will find a way to".
3. Love yourself as your are now. Each morning I say to myself "I am beautiful
4. Stay focused by journaling or posting daily. Keep your eye on your goal. emoticon

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10/23/11 3:13 P

I keep bouncing between 154 and 150 lbs. I am at 151 now and this time I am going to keep on living my new healthy lifestyle regardless of what I weigh.
When the scale number does not move I seem to go insane. I say "why try" and "I might as well pig out" and then find myself back at 154 lbs. emoticon
I will no longer play the victim role and let the scale dictate my moods and sanitity. Instead I will love myself and visualize my body getting toned. I am awesome regardless of what emoticon says. I will keep my eye on emoticon

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10/21/11 1:00 P

When discouraged, remember your goals. I keep yo-yo-ing because I lose focus, fall off the wagon, get back on, etc. This time I am going to pick myself up faster and keep going. One thing I am doing differently now is holding myself accountable. I plan my meals and if I want something not planned for (impulse eating), I have to earn the calories first. Usually, I say forget it or just take a small bite.

Day 5
I use to listen to my body. I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was satisfied.
Then I stopped listening and started abusing my body. I would force food into my body even though I was full. emoticon
Now I am training myself to once again love and listen to my body.
I now eat for nutrition and enjoyment.
Each day I now am becoming healthier and slimmer. emoticon emoticon

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10/18/11 9:19 P

Habits are made one day at a time.
Today I will continue to stay within my calorie range (1200 - 1300) and relearn to listen to my body.

1. Plan my meals and visualize success. (proactive)
2. Eat at meal time. (decision is made)
3. If emotional hunger strikes before my next meal, say no and do some activity. Learn to anticipate my next meal. (proactive) If I must indulge, earn my calories first.
4. Enjoy and savor each bite .
5. Small meals are satisfying so ignore urges for seconds. (proactice)
6. Drink at least 6 glass of water, 1 cup of milk and 2 cups of green tea.
7. Eat my veggies (soups, salads).
8. Use portion control.
9. If I deviate from the above, learn and try again.
10. Enjoy the day. If I am upset, I am seeing something that is not there.

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10/14/11 1:06 P

Do not judge.

We rarely deal with what is actually in the world; we deal with the meaning we have given what is in the world, a meaning that exists only in our own mind which we then project onto the world.

All meaning is in our mind and these meanings cause our emotions. The meaning we give events is the primary source of our feelings.
By eliminating many beliefs we can rid the sources of depression, neediness, the need for the approval of others, etc. When I stop giving meaning to events (judging), these minor upsets (anger, anxiety, and other negative emotions) will stop. If I do not judge, I will not condemn.

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10/7/11 12:15 P

Day 4

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped."
— Anthony Robbins: Motivational speaker and author

Reminder: Treat myself to a few pounds weight loss by Halloween.

I have decided losing weight is going to be easy and fun. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my ship. (I watched Invictus last night).

It is going to be easy because I am creating new health habits day by day. I won't even have to think about it because I will do things automatically. It is going to be fun because I am enjoying my meals as oppose to eating mindlessly. I am daydreaming myself trim and can see myself wearing all the cute clothes I will buy.

Failure is trading what you really want for what you want now. I have to remember when the snack attack occurs to ask: Which do I want? To be healthy, trim and gorgeous or to eat mindlessly, stay chubby, gorgeous, and increase the odds of poor health?

Sticking to my daily routines is a big help.

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10/6/11 8:43 P

When I am stressed,
I get emotional,
I will seek comfort,
I will comfort myself with emoticon emoticon emoticon ,
I will then feel even more stressed emoticon
an easier way to think emoticon

When I am stressed,
I will do something to destress emoticon emoticon emoticon

then will I feel so much better.

Why didn't I do that in the first place emoticon

Moral: If I am stressed, reframe my thoughts.

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10/5/11 1:44 P

Day 2
My goal is to create an easy and fun relationship with food. Then the weight will easily come off. For the first 40 years of my life gaining weight was never a problem. I use to listen to my body and when I was satisfied I would stop eating. Over the years I stopped listening to it and became less active. So I have to relearn to listen and move a bit more.

Habits are made one day at a time. Once I create productive habits, losing weight will happen naturally.

Adjustments from what I learned from Day 1.
1. Plan four 300-400 meals per day. Have some protein in each meal. For this month I will make file cards of all my meals. I will then just have to pick out my meal cards the night before. (will also help for shopping purposes)
2. Eat at the table. I ate dinner yesterday while watching TV and had no awareness of taste thus no enjoyment.
3. Didn't plan my meals yesterday and didn't get enough veggies.
4. I forgot to visualize success so I will read my plan (which I wrote out on an index card) before each meal for the next 30 days. I forget my good intentions so easily.

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10/4/11 2:30 P

Didn't do as good as I would have liked yesterday. emoticon
Today is another day emoticon emoticon and I will do better.
I will eat more fruits, vegetables and drink plenty of water.
I will be more active and my plan to stay within my calorie range is:
1. Plan my meals. (proactive)
2. Eat at meal time. (decision is made)
3. If emotional hunger strikes before my next meal, do some activity. Learn to anticipate my next meal. (proactive)
4. Enjoy and savor each bite .
5. Small meals are satisfying so ignore urges for seconds. (proactice)
6. If I deviate from the above, learn from it so it won't happen again.
7. Make salads my main meal.
8. Drink 8 glasses of water.
9. For all other dishes, use portion control.
10. Visualize success.

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10/2/11 10:10 A

Good job on getting past your tiny slip. You nipped it in the bud by bringing your thoughts back to what you really want.

This was helpful today.

As the day went by yesterday I kept thinking "I can't", "it is too hard", "why try". I didn't realize how mindless I have been. No wonder I rebelled against my goals. What you think, you become. I put reminders all over my kitchen to remind me to stay focused on my goals.

Have a healthy day today.

10/2/11 9:56 A

Rebellion is natural ... it's how you react to it that will determine your long run! I had a tiny slip last night...and my first impulse is to just drop on down that rabbit hole and forget about my diet. It's too hard!!!

But then I think about how I'll feel November 1st if I stop now...versus how I'll feel if I just get back on the horse. Gotta shake it off! emoticon

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10/2/11 9:18 A


If I keep going like I have the last two days it will take forever for me. I start out good but the evenings fall apart. I know I go through these little spurts of rebellion but they pass. I need to have a plan for these kind of evenings.

I am pretty good about cutting out the junk food. My goodies are homemade and healthy versions of cookies and scones. I also love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Yes, let's keep it going. emoticon emoticon emoticon

10/1/11 4:26 P

Hi Kaysea! It feels like it's taken FOREVER to get down to 160...just six months ago I was 25 pounds heavier. My goal dates are like this:

October 6: 158 (normal BMI!)
By Christmas: 142 (another 10%)

After that, I'll either try to get to 125ish (lower end of normal BMI range) or work on getting toned with some P90X-style workout. We'll see how that plan pans out! I'm still figuring it all out. :) As far as my plan, I am going low-calorie and trying to use sparkpeople to keep me motivated to exercise. I try to do 30min of cardio every day I can, and throw in aerobics videos and strength training a few times a week. I could do more, but I'm trying to add things slowly. I have completely cut out junk food - no soda, very little fried stuff, no candy - for the rest of 2011. That was tough to do but I know it will be worth it!

I completely agree that one pound a month is better than nothing!! Slow and steady, let's keep it going! emoticon

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10/1/11 12:12 P

It probably took you a long time to lose your weight but time passes regardless of what we do. So, just do it. Before we know it we will both be at 142 lbs. Do you have a goal date set?

What plan are you following? I am just trying to eat less and only at meal times. I try to eat a big fruit salad for lunch and a big veg salad for dinner. For everything else I use portion control.

Let us enjoy our journey one day at a time. I would be happy with a loss of one pound a month.
We can do it.

9/30/11 8:56 P

Thank you! It seemed like it took forever to get here, but I'm happy I'm almost there! After I reach my first goal of 158lbs (the top end of "normal BMI" for me), my next goal will be to get out of the danger zone by losing an additional 10%, taking me to 142lbs (about halfway into the "normal BMI" range for my height). I have ideas for goals after that, but I want to get a little closer first! Eye on the prize!

Congratulations on eating well today! One day at a time and in a year, we won't even know ourselves anymore! emoticon

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9/30/11 8:15 P

Wow! ! ! You have lost 25 lbs and are practically at your first goal. emoticon emoticon
What is your next goal?

I did pretty good today. I am focused and ate very good today.

9/30/11 12:40 P

I get off track every now and then too! I'm getting so close to completing my first goal I need to keep it together!

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9/30/11 12:30 P

Thanks you for your comments. I needed them today. Yesterday I overate but I am focused and on my way to being slim once again.

How are you ladies doing on your weight loss journey?

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9/30/11 11:11 A

Hang in there!

9/30/11 8:33 A

Change takes time!! But habits will happen when you log in every day and keep adding new healthy habits to your life! Hang in there!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,013
9/30/11 12:07 A

Keep going and Don't Quit.

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9/29/11 1:01 P

Thurs 9/29

6 am - While growing up I have learned the meaning of things from my family who learned them from their family which were mostly meanings based on fear. Later on in life I took cues from people around me and I have probably been greatly influenced by advertising. Knowing I have many limiting beliefs is the easy part of the solution. Now comes the challenging part -- changing them. One must start somewhere so my plan is to track my thoughts and to remember that in every decision I make -- I have a choice. emoticon
Why do I feel the need to comfort myself with food? emoticon

10 am -- I wrote the above four hours ago and was very focused. Now I find myself wanting to nibble on something even though I am not hungry. I forget things so easily. Instead of reaching for food I reread what I wrote, said some affirmations, started my journal here and now am going to do a short meditation to figure out what is going on in my head.

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