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8/28/12 10:20 P

Hey, you know, that sounds so simple that I wonder why I didn't think of it myself...many, many years ago, I went thru some kind of weird thing (sort of like a depression) and my doctor, not sure what was going on, prescribed tranquilizers...BUT, he told me to leave them away from the bed, so I'd have to get up to get them. Leaving food in another room would work on the same you said, it's there, but I'd have to work to get it...Hmmmmm....THANKS!

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8/28/12 11:25 A

Here's what I would do: NEVER TAKE FOOD TO BED WITH ME. But, prepare a middle of the night snack and leave

Leave it in the fridge. Maybe something like cottage cheese and pineapple, or fruit and yogurt, hard boiled egg and a couple of crackers. Not all three snacks lol, just one.

Then you can go to sleep KNOWING there's a snack waiting for you. BUT, you have to get up, go all the way to the kitchen, sit down at the table or counter and eat it. Then wash up your plate and spoon...a little work to 'pay' for the snack. Then go back to bed.

Never say no...that's the surest route to failure. But don't make it so easy either.

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8/27/12 11:05 P

Congratulations on your weight loss! It sounds like food is an important part of celebrations in your life. That is a tough cultural relationship (celebrate=food) to overcome. And eating lettuce leaves just isn't the same!! LOL SP has great articles to help you on your journey in regards to motivation and staying on track. You'll get there!


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8/27/12 11:18 A

I think anyone who has struggled with their weight will understand when I say that losing a couple of pounds can actually cause a backslide...that loss came after weeks of seriously tracking what I ate, measuring when needed, weighing servings...all of it a royal pain in the ass and even more so when it didn't pay off...then I found out when I joined Spark that I hadn't been eating enough. I added some protein and some olive oil and lo and behold: weight came off. Since Friday, the day I learned about the loss, I have been "celebrating"...and eating more than my allotted calories. I want to scream!!! What the F----????? So, right now, Monday morning, I'm making the decision to STOP screwing myself. (I think I have some sort of eating disorder because if I don't bring snacks to bed with me, I can't sleep for thinking about them!!) This has to stop, too...maybe sleeping pills?

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