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3/27/12 3:55 P

I suggest finding other reasons to do what you're doing. Find other reasons besides fat loss/weight loss to eat better and be active. The more reasons you have and the more your reasons mean to you, the more motivation you will have and keep.

Find your WHYs. When you know WHY you're doing this, it'll be easier to keep going.

don't trust the scale. It tells you things that aren't necessarily true. If you lose inches, you're losing fat no matter what the scale says.

Remember to do some strength training 2-3 times per week - don't let all your exercise be cardio.

GOCELTICSGO Posts: 1,789
3/27/12 1:36 P

Me too...I have to talk out loud to remind myself to stay motivated.

JEZZAB Posts: 3
3/27/12 1:30 P

Last month I was really good and managed to get myself up early to go for a 40 minute jog each morning before work, but after losing less than I had expected I've lost that drive and struggle to get up even once a week to go for a jog.

I know that it takes time for results to show and that as I build muscle I'll gain a few extra pounds rather than losing them but it's hard to muster the motivation to push for those end results.

Has anyone got any tips on how they stay motivated?

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