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9/21/12 5:25 P

I'm home sick and running a fever. I'm obviously not up to doing any kind of real workout, but I have been practicing my splits every day in order to get lower, so out of curiosity I tried them today. I went lower than I ever have -- there was a gap of maybe an inch or so between me and the floor. This happened with no warmup or prior stretching. Obviously my fever warmed those muscles up for me.

Not that I would recommend this method to anyone trying to learn the splits, but I found it an interesting observation. Now if only I could go this low when I'm healthy...


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9/11/12 6:15 P

Thanks Elliott --

I'll give it a try.


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9/10/12 11:23 A

I know that sitting in front of a wall with your legs spread will help you to stretch them in a semi-split position. Do this everyday to help stretch those muscles. The key is to stretch a little farther each time. This means moving closer to the wall. I know it might sound weird, but it will help stretch what you need. I can do the splits with one leg in front of the other, but not the side splits. When I was little I could do those, but not now. Good luck! I hope you reach your goal.

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9/10/12 9:31 A

Thank you both of you for your responses. I am practicing the splits daily, trying to sink into the floor into monkey pose after my daily workout when I am looser. Before I do that, I do a few hamstring and quadrucep stretches, and then begin practicing splits (both front and side.) There is still about five-four inches between me and the ground though... Tight hamstrings seem to be my main flexibility issue.

I've been trying to hold the pose, and relax through the tightness of my muscles to go lower each time, but it is really tough. I am wondering if it would prove helpful for me to measure my height off the ground each week and report back here as a sort of public tracking...


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9/8/12 9:08 A

The only real way to do the splits is to do the splits. It's okay if you can't get down to the floor now. Keep doing them and you'll get there.

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9/7/12 8:45 P

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9/7/12 7:46 P

I've been doing yoga for well over a year now, and I've been wanting to get into much more advanced poses. My flexibility and strength are pretty good -- I've been dubbed "rubber girl" by martial artist friends -- but I still have pretty tight hamstrings that are interfering with me learning to do the splits. I'm a bicycle commuter, so the tight hamstrings aren't that much of a surprise. But I'd like some advice on loosening them so that I can finally get past the splits barrier.

I've found a couple websites with suggestions for daily stretches to work my way into front and side splits, but they seem to be mostly aimed at the cheerleader crowd, and they lack good photos. Do any of you have some suggestions for books, DVDs or websites with good advice for achieving splits as an adult?

Learning the splits (and tougher arm balances like crow and side crow) is a fitness goal that I've set for myself to keep myself from getting frustrated in my current plateau. I'm less than ten pounds from weight loss goal, and the pounds are coming off very slo-o-owly.


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