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Lentil Soup

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Posts: 117
10/23/12 4:27 P

Re: Removing Carrots I like SOCPAGE;s answer. I also recommend if you don't eat carrots (for whatever reason) add a deep orange veggie of another name. You'll retain the nutrients as SOCPAGE suggested. Along with the swt. potatoes, and butternut squash, there is pumpkin too. Just in time for fall and Thanksgiving.

Posts: 229
10/22/12 3:49 P

the important thing about carrots is the beta carotenoids, the stuff that's good for your eyes, etc. Leave out the carrots, and towards the end of the recipe for whatever, toss in the same amount of sweet potatoes or butternut squash. you want to get those nutrients in.

Posts: 869
10/22/12 11:16 A

Any recipe (with the exception of baked goods) can be revised with substitutions. Some of the best recipes come about from taking a recipe and making it to your liking. The important part is remembering what you did differently so you can repeat it if it is a keeper. :)

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Posts: 3,116
10/15/12 11:42 A

Just leave out the carrots. Put in any other veggie you like.

Posts: 1,096
10/8/12 6:39 A

I just made this today:

It was delicious! I know, it's not a soup, but with more broth it could be!

Posts: 1,527
10/7/12 9:35 A

You can always take any recipe and just leave out the carrots. A lot of lentil recipes include bacon, which I often don't have on hand, so I just leave it out. It's usually tasty anyway! I don't see why that wouldn't work for carrots.

Posts: 4
10/6/12 7:20 P

Does anyone have a recipe for lentil soup that does NOT have carrots in it? I need recipes for soups and other foods that DO NOT include carrots.

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